Tesla Taking Model X Preorders In Australia, Deliveries In 2016

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Tesla Motors has started taking Model X preorders in Australia for deliveries in the thirdquarter of next year. The Model X, which is the third vehicle from Tesla, has a larger sports utility vehicle design and also features unique “falcon wing” doors.

Tesla Model X in Australia next year

The vehicle is finally ready for delivery in the U.S. after being delayed for quite a while. Acknowledging the delay, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said previously that the “short-term” gets negatively affected by the hold-up, but he also clarified they didn’t want to come up with a product that could not delight customers, and hence the delay. The Model X will be launched first in the U.S., followed by a few other markets with a left-hand-drive system in the coming months.

In Australia, Tesla started delivering the Model S in December 2014, after which it expanded its supercharger network to the east coast. It also set-up a service center in Richmond, Melbourne and a pop-up store in Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre to connect its Sydney service center in St Leonards.

Australia a good market for luxury SUVs

Interested customers can preorder a Model X by making an advance payment of AU$6,000, which is fully refundable. Whenever the final price of the vehicle is announced by the firm, those who preordered one will have two options to choose from. Either they can opt to buy the vehicle and get it customized as per their needs by going through the design process and pay the balance, or they can simply get their deposit refunded.

No confirmation has come from the company about the Model X price tag for Australian customers. It already has a few competitors in Australia. These are luxury SUVs such as the Mercedes M-Class (which starts from AU$90,000) and the BMW X5 (from $93,000). The success of these models indicates demand for vehicles like the Model X SUV is big.

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