Tesla Motors Inc Still Needs To Overcome This Major Issue

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Tesla released the new Model X SUV at a price of $130,000. Though the model boasts of falcon-wing doors and a high-tech dash that is bound to attract car lovers, the fact remains it needs to be charged just like any other electric car.

Range anxiety a big issue among drivers

There is a high concentration of charging stations in California, but this is not true for other parts of the country, which presents a major problem for Tesla owners resulting in a wastage of their precious time.

Even in New York, charging is still a challenge. Financial analyst Charles Stonehill, who has owned a Tesla Model S for the past two years, says there is no charging access in his local garage. Speaking to The Street, Stonehill said, “I’d like to see the city put some roadside charging in so that we have dedicated spots for charging by the road, just like you can in San Francisco and in some cities in Europe.”

When a Tesla car owner has to commute in localities around New York State, they are forced to plan around the charging stations despite the 265-mile range of Model S. If a person is likely to get range anxiety, then he/she should probably not drive an electric car at this stage, Stonehill said. Presently, there are just three charging stations in New York State.

Tesla at work but more needed

Tesla’s superchargers are free to use, and they take approximately 30 minutes for a full charge. But in Manhattan, there are multiple, slower, 240-volt chargers that can be used for $20 per hour or with a monthly garage membership. For a full charge, such chargers need either a few hours or an overnight charge. However, several Tesla drivers have complained of the car parking spaces designated for the electric cars being taken by gas vehicles.

Tesla irritated many owners further when it sent an email to many of them requesting that they make less use of the local supercharger and instantly move their vehicles so that the space could be vacated for long-distance travelers.

Amid rising discontent among owners, some even doubt Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s promise of high-powered chargers remaining “free forever.” Nevertheless, Tesla is working hard to address the issue and is teaming up with local garages to install electric chargers.

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