Tesla Motors Inc Gigafactory Plant Site: Will Musk Build It Here?

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) might be zeroing Reno, Nevada as its site for the Gigafactory battery plant. There have been a lot of discussion and reports over the probable sites with name of more than one cities surfacing in the decision, but Tesla refrained from announcing anything officially.

Some whispers of Tesla plant in Nevada

Nevada was seen as the prominent consideration for the Gigafactory due to various factors such as renewable power, nearby rail, proximity to Tesla’s California headquarters and Tesla friendly atmosphere, where lawmakers are flexible along with the liberal court of actions. In March, Tesla was said to be considering the permits and analyzing for prospective sites in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Greentech media reports that Tesla might be stepping forward towards closing the deal. The report showed photos from a source, who visited the site, and found 50 earthmovers working at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center at 2641 Portofino Drive. As per the report, the source expects the site “to be large enough to accommodate the proposed 10-million-square-foot factory,” also there are “whispers about a secret project from construction industry folks and locals.

Gigafactory site, still a mystery

The Reno Gazette-Journal reported, in early June, that center is asking for the permission to quarry the site work for a large project, but the parties involved in the project are under a non-disclosure agreement abstaining them from detailing about the specifics of the site.

The newspaper, quoting Principal Lance Gilman, said that even to the industrial center people the secrecy maintained is mysterious. Gilman, who had been working with Tesla for months, said no transaction has been signed with them. Gilman, also, said that he is subjected to the non-disclosure agreement to reveal any detail about 2641 Portofino Drive. “We worked with Walmart for a year and a half before they told us who they were,” Gilman said.

One of the blogger on Tesla Motor’s official forum said that the site was considered for Pizza and another blog echoed the same. However, there is no clear source of information and there is no information about the project at this point.

From past few months, several Southwestern states were in the consideration list of the Gigafactory plant, a development that will open way for 6,500 jobs and build the next generation of batteries for cars and also outsource to other automakers and industries.

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