Tesla Model X Narrowly Avoids A Crash, Thanks To Instant Torque

Tesla Model X Narrowly Avoids A Crash, Thanks To Instant Torque
Image Source: Maaz Jilani/YouTube (screenshot)

In a recently-surfaced video of a Tesla Model X, torque is proven to be a lifesaver, as the driver learns that it can be more than just fun. A new video on Reddit shows a Model X driver saved from a rear-end collision with the help of instant torque in stop-and-go traffic.

Torque beyond just speed thrills

Tesla cars offer an instant torque feature, but often the ability is expected to be limited to giving a quick speed boost from 0-60 in a flick of a second. However, after watching the video, it has become quite clear that instant torque can prevent accidents as well.

Owner Maaz Jilani was aware of what his car is capable of doing, and thus, saved his Model X from an accident by pulling ahead just before a string of vehicles was about to hit him. He was in stop-and-go traffic when another SUV came from behind. The video shows the Model X screeching away to avoid the collision.

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Jilani told Electrek, “I did try to sprint away but unfortunately it very touched me barley [sic].”

He added that there were some screw indentations in the rear plastic part of the car, but it is just minimal damage compared to what it could have been. Apart from instant torque, Jilani’s super quick reflexes and presence of mind must also be praised.

No Tesla Autopilot involved this time

In November, Model S owner Jason Hughes used the same feature to save his car from being slammed into by a Prius that nearly rear-ended it. With the help of torque and lightening speed acceleration, he was able to steer clear of the vehicle.

Tesla vehicles are popular for their insane acceleration speeds. The Model S P100D, which is loaded with advanced software, can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.389 seconds. Once the back seat is taken out, the same car can hit the same speed in just 2.1 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating production car. These cars will be used in the Electric GT car championship, notes Inverse.

Previously, we have seen Tesla’s Autopilot feature avoid accidents, but this time, the feature was disengaged, according to Jilani. Tesla is aggressively working on autonomous driving tech. The sensors used in fully self-driving technology are the same as those found in current Hardware 2-powered vehicles. By the end of the year, it is expected that self-driving cars can take owners on cross-country trips.

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