Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model X – Which One To Buy?

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The Model X SUV has been available on the market for sometime, and has created a significant amount of buzz in its brief lifespan. The Model X is very much a headline vehicle for Tesla, and one that the company was hoping it would establish itself as an exciting and market-defining auto manufacturer. But the Model S has its advantages as well, and thus Tesla has provided those seeking a greener driving alternative with a conundrum.

Tesla Model S vs Model X – Size

Of course, the Model S will appeal to Tesla consumers looking for the more affordable vehicle. But there are many other elements of the two cars to compare as well. Firstly, the Model X is somewhat larger than the Model S, meaning that it will naturally suit people with larger families, or those who simply want more flexibility.

But despite the size differential between the two vehicles, the gulf in weight between the Model X and Model S is less than one might expect. Tesla has taken advantage of improved technology to ensure that the Model X is merely eight percent heavier than the Model S; undoubtedly an impressive achievement considering that the Model S is an SUV.

To some extent, Tesla has achieved this by utilizing parts in the Model X that were previously used in the manufacturing of the Model S. Therefore, there is little difference between the two cars in terms of the battery packs utilized; obviously a key aspect of electric vehicles. The 70 or 90 kWh options provided by Tesla are consistent across both vehicles, ensuring that power efficiency is relatively similar in both vehicles.


However, the Model X is probably one of the most outstanding performance vehicles ever produced in any niche. This was proclaimed by Tesla well ahead of its release, but now that the Model X is active we can indeed acclaim it as probably the most impressive electric car ever produced.

The Model X delivers outstanding results in road testing. Firstly, it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 km/h in just over three seconds. This makes the Model X an outstanding electric vehicle, and certainly a leader in its class. But it also ensures that it is capable of competing with almost all existing SUVs, and even a significant percentage of roadworthy sports cars. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk had continually stated that the Model X would blow away the competition, and this would certainly seem to be accurate.

Having said that, the Model X does not necessarily outperform the Model S, as would be expected considering the classification of the two vehicles. The Model S will accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, but the minute difference between the two vehicles indicates what an outstanding performer the Model X is. Nonetheless, those wanting the faster vehicle of the two will undoubtedly opt for the Model S.


Absolutely critical to every electric vehicle is the distance that it can travel on a single battery charge, and this is considered particularly vital for the Model X. An SUV naturally sucks the electric cell included in the vehicle rather rapidly, so Tesla had to deal with serious logistical and technical problems in order to produce an acceptable vehicle.

Electric vehicles are now subjected to a stringent five-step testing procedure by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. According to data compiled by the EPA, the Tesla Model S is capable of a range of 257 miles, while the Model S achieved a result of 265 miles.

Ostensibly, the Model S has outperformed the Model X in this department. But considering that the status of the Model X as an SUV means that it should be by a considerable distance the less economical of the two vehicles, this result is very much open to debate. The negligible difference between the two vehicles simply suggests that the Model X is the greater technical achievement, but of course consumers may still prefer the fact that the Model S will eke out just a little bit more distance from its battery.


The Model X must be considered superior to the Model S in terms of safety. Again, this was an area where the CEO of the company praised the Model X to the extreme, and these bullish statements certainly seem to be accurate. The Model X achieved an outstanding five-star rating in every safety category measured in tests, and can be reasonably described as the safest electric vehicle ever produced. It also certainly compares favorably with most cars on the road today.

Design and door layout

This is one area of the two vehicles that is very much open to personal preference, but there are some unique features of the Model X that stand out immediately. The auto-sensing front door in the Model X, which opens automatically as one approaches another vehicle, was not included with the Model S and can be considered a significant innovation. The panoramic front window in the Model X has also been notable for significantly increasing visibility in the vehicle, and the Model X has generally been painted as a flexible and well-designed vehicle in the media.

However, the Falcon Wing Doors included in the Model X do not appeal to everyone. Those with more conservative taste should certainly opt for the Model S, which has more of a classic design.

Model S motivation

It is hard to argue against the conclusion that the Model X is the most impressive vehicle. However, there are a few reasons that one may decide to choose the Model S over its Tesla stablemate. Firstly, the availability of the Model X is pretty limited at present. Secondly, not everyone wishes to drive an SUV, and the design of the Model S is obviously sleeker, and somewhat more conservative. Thirdly, the pricing is still slightly more affordable than the Model X, and this will obviously appeal to the thrifty motorist.

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