Tesla Model S Owner Puts A Child ‘In The Trunk,’ Cops Laugh It Off

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Very few people know that Tesla’s Model S can seat seven people, thanks to the optional rear-facing third-row trunk seat. The third-row seat that costs an additional $1,500 is good only for kids. Adults just won’t fit under the sloping glass window of the giant hatchback. On October 30, someone saw the parents “put a child in the trunk” of their Tesla car, and was startled enough to call the cops.

A little girl climbs out of the trunk

According to Jalopnik, the family were coming home from shopping. Cops traced the car and waited at the home of the family. Police were all set to investigate what kind of activity was at play. They asked to see in the trunk of the car. They were surprised and confused to see a little girl around the age of 5 climbing out of the trunk. Her parents still looked puzzled.

The cops saw that there was a third row of seats for children. In this video, you can see the police laughing off the incident, “There’s seats in here? Nice! I like that.” Tesla had said in past that the third-row seat is built with child safety standards in mind. Even in this incident, the little girl was safely strapped into the rear-facing seat. The video was captured from a home security camera, and uploaded to YouTube by Henry Wettstein.

Tesla to add ‘additional constraints’ in Autopilot

Meanwhile, Tesla believes that humans can’t be trusted with its magical Autopilot feature that was introduced last month. Several videos have been posted on YouTube with drivers engaging in dangerous and crazy behavior just to test out the full range of options. A new video shows a Model S owner turning on the Autopilot and then moving to the back seat to enjoy the ride while the car steers itself on the Dutch highway at above 50mph.


Tesla founder Elon Musk said the company would take some pro-active steps by putting “additional constraints” to prevent drivers from doing crazy things. Musk didn’t reveal what those constraints would be.


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