Tesla Motors Inc Model S Offered For Free To Buyers of New Condo

Tesla Motors Inc Model S Offered For Free To Buyers of New Condo
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The popularity of Tesla Motors’ Model S is now being used by a property developer to attract buyers. It is common for most high-end developments to offer freebies with their projects to push sales. The Z Palm Beach condominium project is one such kind, and with each condo unit, it is offering a complimentary Tesla Model S.

Chargers available too

Tesla Motors’ website has the cost of the luxury electric car listed as $71,070. The unique development project is offering eight units priced at $2.3 million each. It is expected that by the end of the year, the units will be open. “The innovative Z Palm Beach Residences lifestyle extends to the road with a complimentary Tesla Model S,” the Z Palm Beach website says. “The car will be parked in their dedicated spot and will be titled to them to complement their residential purchase.” The Z Palm Beach website further informs interested buyers that charging stations for the new Tesla cars will also be available.

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The luxury units cover around 4,000 square feet and include private elevators, biometric security systems, a rooftop pool, wellness center, five-story atrium, solar energy and wind turbines. The project has been developed by Glozal Group. Interiors by Steven G was founded by designer Steven Gurowitz more than 30 years ago, and at present, it has 70 employees.

The website of Z Palm Beach says the units within the development have been designed to attract international luxury buyers. Palm Beach has legendary appeal, and according to the website, international buyers are fond of it. Z Palm Beach residences are spacious high-tech units, and green buildings have been incorporated into them, states the website.

Is Tesla losing popularity?

Tesla Motors shares have rallied 400% in the past two years, but in 2015, they tumbled 13%. The major reasons cited for the decline are falling oil prices and rising competition. Also there might be a possibility Tesla is losing popularity among luxury car buyers.

Several automobile manufacturers are working on developing and selling Tesla-like electric cars. Analysts believe BMW’s AG i8 could be a tough competitor to the new Tesla P85D super car. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk expects to sell millions of cars in the years ahead, however, recent trends suggest it might take Tesla more time to achieve such numbers. Another thing to worry about is lower-than-expected sales in China.

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