Tesla Motors Inc Pushes Out Software Updates For Model S

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has announced a software update for the Model S yet again, which is quite exciting for the one of the most popular electric cars in the world. After the new update, drivers of the Model S will be able to start the car remotely, along with performing other functions. The EV manufacturer outperforms other car manufacturers when it comes to software updates.

More options to drivers

After the update, drivers will be able to avoid traffic congestion, turn the car with help of a smartphone, adjust the suspension, and give a nickname to the car, among other exciting things. Apparently Tesla is offering the update to companies that are still in the prototype testing phase for their cars.

The software update will prompt drivers to change their routes to evade traffic jams. Additionally, the routing will keep on changing according to traffic patterns. Also the owner will be able to see reports from other Model S cars on the road at that time.

Drivers can integrate their smartphone and car together to display their daily appointment schedules on the car screen. Also the system will notify drivers of every appointment. The Model S will have air suspension, which will keep note of places where the car needs extra clearance, like if the car is approaching a steep driveway, then the ride height will adjust accordingly.

During the night, the owner can turn the car on energy-saving mode to conserve most of the energy of the battery for the morning.

Tesla moving towards over-the-air updates

Tesla stated that every car sold since mid-2012 is eligible for this new software update released on Friday, according to Egil Juliussen, director of research and automotive electronic technology for IHS Automation.

“The cost savings alone will make it very attractive for the auto manufacturers to use over-the-air software upgrades,” said Juliussen.

The Palo Alto company is one of the top manufacturers that has already been voiced by auto analysts such as Adam Jones of Morgan Stanley, who called Tesla the “world’s most important car company” in a recent report. Tesla, like other car manufacturers, is also making efforts of making updates over the air.

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