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Tesla Motors Inc Hiring Fresh Talent From UNLV

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Tesla is on a hiring spree and is hunting for fresh talent from universities in Nevada

Tesla Motors held a recruitment fair at UNLV on Tuesday, providing new job opportunities for students along with taking in a new generation of workers. At the university campus, Tesla executives met engineering students and faculty.

Looking for fresh talent

Tesla sent three representatives to the UNLV Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering Robotics Lab on Tuesday, seeing firsthand the projects being produced by undergraduate and graduate students there. Nevada has been a significant region for Tesla, and the company is looking to firm up its ties with the area. Tesla is developing its $5 billion gigafactory in northern Nevada, where it will manufacture batteries for its electric cars.

The lab runs around robotic technology, which will be an apt segment for a forward thinking car company like Tesla. UNLV engineering student Maria Ramos told My News3, “Actually, when I heard that they were building a plant nearby, I got really excited.” Ramos has worked previously for companies such as Toyota, and Tesla presents a great opportunity. The Palo Alto company will find intellectual and engineering talent for itself from the university.

Rama Venkat, the dean of UNLV’s Hughes College of Engineering, said all types of engineering students are needed, and UNLV produces them in Las Vegas. Also the EV manufacturer will also organize a career fair on Wednesday at the Thomas and Mack Center at 6 p.m.

Apple, Tesla poaching each others’ employees

Tesla Motors is on a look out for fresh talents, which is also evident from the recent reports circulating in the media. A recent report from Bloomberg citing Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Apple is offering $250,000 signing bonuses and 60% salary increases to Tesla employees to lure them into joining Apple. This comes as a surprising revelation from Musk, who wants the public to know how much of an effort Apple is making to poach its employees.

However, it’s not just Apple that’s poaching Tesla’s employees. The electric car maker is also taking in employees from the iPhone maker, and according to a recent report, Tesla has taken more employees from Apple than from any rival car company, which suggests the significance of software in Tesla’s future offerings.

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