Tesla, Google Merger Unlikely, ‘Partnership’ An Option: Analyst

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The Tesla – Google merger rumors, which have excited investors, have been shunned by analysts lately. One such analyst, Trip Chowdhry, stated, “I don’t think that is possible,” adding that both companies might rather look to form a strong work relationship between themselves.

Tesla, Google already in partnership

Moreover, it has been suggested that Google will not seek to buy Tesla, though it might look to share its technologies with the the California-based EV maker. In fact, Tesla already uses Maps and other applications from Google. Also Tesla’s screen is similar to those of Android devices.

Along with Google, there are other companies that have been claimed to be interested in acquiring Tesla. Ivan Feinseth, an analyst at Tigress Financial Partners, opined that Fiat Chrysler, which has indicated a need for partnership, might look to merge with the EV maker, although the analyst also acknowledged that the money Fiat would pay to take over Tesla could instead be utilized by the car company to manufacture its own electric car.

Or will it be able Apple?

Along with these companies, Apple has also been in the news as a potential candidate to buy Tesla. Recently in a shareholders meeting, some of the members queried CEO Tim Cook about an Apple-Tesla merger. However, Cook avoided the topic and stated, “We don’t have a relationship with Tesla.” Nonetheless, it was recently reported that the iPhone maker is stealing Tesla employees to work on a car project. This is in line with the rumors indicating that Apple is working on its own electric car, although Apple has not confirmed any such news other than making an announcement suggesting that it will soon launch its CarPlay technology.

In response to such rumors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously claimed that forming a partnership with Google or Apple could be beneficial, as Tesla might soon be using Android or iOS software. But he also suggested that such an association should adhere to the company’s goal of making electric cars more prominent.

Presently, with Musk at the helm, Tesla is doing quite well for itself. The EV maker has a remarkable brand equity and possesses a well-established dealer and charger network.

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