Your $260 Tax Rebate Check from Minnesota Is Coming From Montana

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Minnesotans started receiving one-time tax rebate payments last month. Some taxpayers received the rebate payment directly into their bank accounts, while many others received it through physical checks. If you were also expecting a tax rebate check from Minnesota but haven’t received it yet, it is recommended that you check your junk mail envelopes.

Tax Rebate Check From Minnesota: What’s Causing The Confusion?

Minnesota approved the one-time tax rebate payments during the last legislative session using the state’s multi-billion dollar budget surplus. Although the state has started mailing the checks, some who received it have questioned the authenticity of the physical checks.   

The reason for this is that the checks are being mailed from a Missoula, Montana-based vendor called Submittable Holdings. This is causing the confusion, as people expect a check from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. So, some recipients may have thrown away the check thinking it to be junk mail.

To clear up the confusion, the Minnesota Department of Revenue confirmed that the checks from the Montana-based vendor are legitimate. Minnesota has partnered with Submittable Holdings to help distribute the physical checks.

“The checks are legitimate. Submittable is a form-building and funds distribution software company located in Missoula, Montana, that the state has partnered with to help distribute the 2021 One-Time Rebate Payments,” the Minnesota Department of Revenue said.

Further, the department also noted that it partnered with Submittable Holdings for the Frontline Worker Payment. The state has also partnered with U.S. Bank to distribute the rebate payments.

According to the DOR, it uses third party services because they are in the middle of property tax refund season, and the department lacks the needed resources to carry out both tasks without risking one of them.  

“We understand many taxpayers rely on timely property tax refunds to pay their October property tax bill, so it’s vital there is no interruption,” the department said.

Who Will Get The Money?

Minnesota approved the one-time rebate check this spring as part of a $3 billion tax package. Individuals with an AGI (adjusted gross income) of up to $75,000 in 2021 are eligible for a $260 tax rebate check from Minnesota, while couples filing jointly with AGI up to $150,000 could get $520.

Additionally, families can get $260 each for up to three dependents. So, the maximum rebate that one could get is $1,300.

Minnesota expects to send more than 2 million payments totaling $1.1 billion in the form of a one-time rebate. Direct deposits started last month, while paper checks will be sent through September.

Minnesotans who filed their taxes online and the state has their banking details will get the rebate through a direct deposit. Others will get a paper check. Those who believe they are eligible for the tax rebate check from Minnesota but haven’t received it by the end of this month, should contact the Department of Revenue.