T-Mobile Lines Up Free iPhone 7 Deal To Go Live Tomorrow

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While analysts and tech writers largely panned the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ahead of their unveiling yesterday as boring and offering nothing new, I happen to disagree. I thought they looked brilliant (especially in Jet Black) and there is little question that this is a fast phone that also surprised many when it was unveiled as waterproof yesterday during the press event.

T-Mobile to offer “free” iPhone 7

While the Internet has taken to screaming about Apple’s AirPods, I’m a fan of the iPhone 7s and the fact that I own an iPhone 6 just may have made my decision about whether or not to upgrade considerably easier today thanks to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile announced today that for those that own an iPhone 6 or later you can get a 32GB iPhone 7 for free. Unfortunately, if you’re looking at more storage like the 64GB or 128GB iPhone 7 or are dying for the dual-camera system introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus that will require that you “pay a little more upfront.”

Regardless, it’s a hell of a deal and the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus will only cost your $120 for that camera you know you want.

The deal begins simultaneously with Apple opening up ordering tomorrow (September 9 at 12:01am PT) for phones that will begin shipping a week from tomorrow on September 16. There is little question that T-Mobile will enjoy some success with this promotion as it looks to bite into the other three major US carriers: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

T-Mobile will not be buying you a case and by all means do for a phone like this you’re going to need one, especially if you choose the only option that I would consider with the near-mirror black that is the new Jet Black offering. Sorry, just not a big Rose Gold kind of guy and I think gold is terribly tacky if you’re blond with an “Irish complexion.”

We don’t know when the promotion is set to expire so if you’re not carrier tied and interested in the new iPhone 7s, I would get on this immediately. While the trade-in offer begins tomorrow, you can sign up now and be notified when the promotion goes live.

The fine print from T-Mobile

Of course, if you cancel your plan you’re going to owe T-Mobile some money and there are a few other caveats so let us take a look at T-Mobile’s own fine print:

  • New and existing T-Mobile customers: Starting September 9 at 12:01am PT, all new and current T-Mobile customers can pre-order a new iPhone 7 from T-Mobile and get up to $650 in monthly bill credits over 24 months when they trade-in their iPhone 6 or newer model. Want a different model or more memory? Just pay a little more upfront.
  • Every T-Mobile customer: T-Mobile customers enjoy unique Un-carrier benefits.  No annual service contracts, no overages, free global data roaming in 140+ countries, and unlimited talk, text and data on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network that now covers nearly 312 million people.

Check out T-Mobile president and CEO, John Legere, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JohnLegere and sign up to be notified when the new devices become available at T-Mobile www.t-mobile.com/apple. For more information on iPhone, please visit www.apple.com/iphone.

If you cancel wireless service, remaining device balance at full price is due. For well-qualified customers; pricing via bill credits after 24-mo finance agmt & qualifying service. Plus device taxes & fees. Must be active & in good standing when credits are applied; may take 1-2 bill cycles. Not combinable with other offers where trade-in is required (e.g., Carrier Freedom). Limited time offers; subject to change.

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