Surface Book Not Permitted In Tennessee Law Test

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Laptops running on the Windows 10 Creators Update are not suitable for the Law Test in Tennessee next month, according to The Verge. Users with Surface Book or laptops having the Windows 10 Creator update will not be allowed in the law exams, according to the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners.

Surface Books not allowed: Tennessee Board

“Microsoft Surface laptops are permissible but Surface Books, tablets and any device with a detachable keyboard are not permitted,” says the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners.

According to The Verge, the development was first spotted by @thirdscrivener, who stated that he has given a number of law tests on the Surface Book but is unable to understand why using detachable keyboards is an issue. MacBook users will be able to take the exam, but the TouchBar that comes on some models of the new MacBook Pro will be disabled.

The issue is mostly with the exam software SofTest, which does not support the Creator version or any Surface Book excluding the Surface Pro. However, the board stated that there would be some guidelines released, and the candidates need to set their laptops according to the guidelines.

For Surface laptops, users are advised to switch from the Windows S operating system to Windows 10 Pro, which is compatible with SofTest.

“Since SofTest is not an App available in the Windows Home Store, you must elect the Microsoft promotion that permits you to run non-Windows Home Store apps,” the board said.

To make sure these settings do not change, examiners also suggested that users switch off their automatic updates. New updates can freeze the computer if the user is active on the exam software, notes The Verge.

The board stated that those planning to use laptops with the Windows 10 Creators Update must notify the board by July 12. Such users need to sign an additional agreement. The Tennessee Board also stated that violators will have no choice but to leave and clarify to the board why they failed to follow the instructions.

What the Windows 10 Creators Update brings

The Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update allows users to create and share experiences in 3D and mixed reality. The Creators Update has a new Game Mode, mixed reality headset support, 3D paint, picture-in-picture mode and various other tweaks to Microsoft Edge’s tab mode.

The update improves the PC gaming experience. The company is also looking to release “Arena” on Xbox Live, where users can play in organized tournaments or create one by themselves. Further, Microsoft has added its own version of F.lux – dubbed Night Light —  into Windows 10 with the Creators Update. The Night Light allows you to lower the blue light after sunset and any other time you want in the evening.

Another important addition to the Creators Update is the 3D version of Microsoft’s built-in Paint app. This new app allows you to make 3D objects or even import those created already in Remix 3D. Microsoft is also tweaking its privacy controls. Now you will be asked to take a look and change features like speech recognition, relevant ads, diagnostics, and location.

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