Support Page For Samsung Flip Phone W2018 Leaks On Official Website

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In a blast to the past, it looks like we may be seeing a Samsung flip phone in the near future. A support page for the SM-W2018 model phone has just been uncovered on the Chinese website by Mobiel Kopen, and it appears to be a high-end version of the classic clamshell. While this style is seen as outdated in the West, there’s still a significant demand for this style of phone in countries like China and India.

Samsung flip phone

Unfortunately, it seems as if it may be difficult to get your hands on this Samsung flip phone if you’re a Western customer, as it’s anticipated that the phone will only be released in Asia. If you’re lucky enough to be in China, however, you can expect nothing but luxury and power from the SM-W2018. The phone should be able to compete with most high-end flagships in terms of speed and performance. The technical specifications and nothing to sneeze at; powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage — specifications similar to the Galaxy Note 8 —  this phone should be able to handle even the most demanding HD video and games. Additionally, that 64 GB of storage space can be expanded to a maximum of 256 GB with a micro-SD card, ensuring that this modern flip phone has room for all of your pictures, videos, and apps.

The phone will also feature a 12 MP main camera for high-quality shots, and a 5 MP front camera for the perfect selfie. It will also ship with two screens — a 4.2 inch Full HD resolution display, as well as one on the outside of the phone.

This Samsung flip phone is intended to be a competitor to luxury flagships, and the price of almost $2000 reflects that. There’s definitely a demand for flip phones in China, so it’s possible we may find consumers opting for this updated take on the classic clamshell — provided they can stomach the price!

As the support page has just been posted, we expect that we’ll see the SM-W2018 announced sometime in early December, with a release not too long afterwards. This page is the second new device discovered in the last few weeks, with the foldable Samsung Galaxy X support page listed just a few days ago. The Galaxy X should see much more widespread adoption worldwide, but for Chinese consumers, the new Samsung flip phone is where it’s at.

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