Superscreen Turns Your iPhone Or Android Display Into A Tablet

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Disruptive technologies are the cornerstone of innovation for almost all markets. However, one market, in particular, mobile technology has seen its fair share of disruptions over the past decade. Starting with the iPhone and then the iPad these devices revolutionized mobile computing and telecommunications. So, now that devices like these have changed our lives, what will be the next great piece of disruptive tech? How about Superscreen, it could be the ultimate attempt at bridging the space between the smartphone and laptop. Bringing with it ease of use, improved functionality, and fantastic portability.

What Is Superscreen?

Created by entrepreneur Brent Morgan, Superscreen offers something that many would consider being mirroring. The casting of a smartphones or tablets screen to another device. However, this new device improves what can be an awkward experience by providing one that is 100% lag free. In fact, Morgan’s device offers to set your smartphone free of its limited display size. It does so by wirelessly and securely transmitting data using a none standard technology, meaning it’s not WiFi or Bluetooth.

Additionally, the Superscreen has features of its own that compliment the iOS or Android experience. Such, as its own battery with a 12-hours lifespan, front, and rear cameras, and Bluetooth connectivity.Looking much like a Samsung tablet, the functionality of your regular handset display is increased in size bu up to 4x. This is achieved on a high-definition screen, which is entirely controllable by the user.

superscreen in action

Why Use Superscreen?

Having explained is rather simple terms what Morgan’s device is, it’s clear to see that it’s more than a simple input-an-output device. Its aim is to increase the usability of your smartphone significantly. However, what will it’s primary uses be? The answer would depend on you of course, but how about the ability to edit images that are often too small to edit accurately on your handset. Or the chance to see a website on a larger screen with a greater range to zoom in or out. The usefulness of such a device could be endless, and seeing as the switch from, and to it is apparently seamless it would be a fantastic edition.

When Is It Available?

Superscreen has today launched a campaign on Kickstarter to gain the much-needed funding to take it from a fledgling device/company to the shelves. However, as Morgan recently explained on, his device is not the finished article.

“We are in the lab designing new ways to make Superscreen even better? Both in form and functionality. And this is where we need your help!”

Morgan’s vision is to pick up where Apple, Samsung, and Google have fumbled through making the smartphone experience bigger. Now, he doesn’t claim to have all the answers, and his idea may sound initially simple, but innovation and disruptiveness don’t always have to be complicated. Maybe it just needs a nudge in the right direction.

You can find out more about Superscreen over on Kickstarter and pledge your support. Or alternatively, go to superscreen .io, and share your thoughts with a growing community. All who are doing their bit to provide feedback and help create a great product.

Images Courtesy of Brent Morgan, Superscreen Inventor, founder & lead engineer

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