Sunedison Spikes on FAKE “Rockefeller Brothers Fund” Story

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Sunedison Spikes on FAKE Takeover speculative story  – Readers can find the full release below – the latest is not surprising especially as the SEC has not taken any action to stop these fraudulent activities as we pointed out some time ago. Read the full news “release” yourself  it sounds so promotional that it makes you wonder – Debtwire has no involvement here even though these scammers listed them as a contact for the article – looks like it was fake enough for the algos to buy…, 3/27/2016 – Shares of Sunedison SUNE, one of the largest solar company, are speculative to be opening nearing up by 90% percent on March 28th, 2016 on volume that will likely top the daily average of nearly 30.2 million shares by 4x. A rumor that the company could be a takeover target for Rockefeller Brothers Fund surfaced from anonymous yet trusted source.

The rumor, while still unconfirmed, is not entirely without merit. Industrial conglomerate Rockefeller Brothers Fund has solar operations and by some accounts, the nearly limitless potential in new, clean, and renewable energy, which the Rockefellers themselves have their eyes on.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund says it is “immediately divesting from coal and tar sand, the most carbon intensive fuels.” From there, they intend to put money to work in renewable energy like wind and solar, where there’s an incredible growth opportunity due to the improved cost effectiveness of these resources.

Pressure on returns won’t likely subside as renewable energy sources like wind and solar become cost effective when compared to fossil fuels. Unlike fossil fuels, where costs are rising, the cost to generate power from wind and solar is falling 5%-15% each year. The numbers are simply on renewable energy’s side, and the Rockefellers can see the writing on the wall.




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