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Sturm Ruger & Company (RGR) Fitbit, Tableau, EA 4 Stocks To Watch After The Market Closes Today

Fitbit Inc (FIT)

Fitbit, along with GoPro, are perhaps the two most beaten down stocks of the past year. Shares of Fitbit are down over 70% as investors question the long term sustainability of the wearables company. Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing markets which has led to an influx of competition taking a swing at the industry. At the top sits names like Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, and Samsung. Fitbit’s two newest products, the Alta and Blaze, have done a good job of differentiating themselves from the competition. The two products have also been successful in attracting new customers and upselling old ones.

Tableau Software Inc (DATA)

Tableau hasn’t been able to figure out earnings season the past few quarters. Following Q4, the stock dropped nearly 50% only to fall an additional 10% after its Q1 report. Tableau has some work to do to get back to the glory days. Its marked slowdown comes as a result of waning demand and increasing competition. Microsoft has taken aim at Tableau’s market with its recent business intelligence tool. Forward guidance will likely be the biggest takeaway in tonight’s report. If Tableau can confirm to investors that they are on the right track, then the stock should easily reconcile some of its past losses.

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)

Electronic Arts has been riding the wave of Star War for nearly a year. Its game, Star Wars: Battlefront, was far more successful than anyone could have expected and helped carry EA to a string of strong quarters. Now that the game is almost a year old, sales have started to wane and so have earnings expectations. This quarter might be an aberration though given the next iterations of Madden and FIFA are due out next month. These games are consistently the best selling games of any year. Digital and mobile offerings have also made considerable progress.

Sturm Ruger & Company (RGR)

Gun sales have soared lately, in the run up to the US presidential election and after a series of mass shootings and terrorist attacks this year. July firearm background checks were markedly higher than last year and marginally higher than June 2016. Typically gun stocks have performed better under Democratic administration for fear of increasing gun control. If RGR can assemble earnings similar to Smith & Wesson’s report last month, then shareholders should be in for a treat.

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