State Of The U.S. Economy – 08/14/2015 – Chart-fest

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State Of The U.S. Economy – 08/14/2015 by Floating Path

I’ve been meaning to put this together for a while – a broad overview of the U.S. economy compiled in one place.



(3) The Return to Employment

(4) Job Openings Abound

(5) But the Jobs Growth Data is Conflicting

(6) The Industrial Employment Imbalance

(7) Shifting to a Services Economy

(8) The Part-Time Employment Puzzle

(9) The Unemployed

(10) Few Claiming Unemployment Insurance

(11) Jobless Claims Leading the Economy

(12) The Bigger Unemployment Picture

(13) Dispersion Across States

(14) Extended Vacations and Early Retirement

(15) Wages and Working Hours

The American Consumer

(16) The Consumer’s Wallet

(17) Expanding Household Net Worth

(18) Home Mortgages Down, Credit Up

(19) Credit Rising on the Back of Student Loans

(20) Federal Government, Neighborhood Lender

(21) Consumer Optimism Has Returned

(22) Empty Roads Finding Traffic

Housing Market

(23) Construction Activity Grinding Forth

(24) A Long Road Ahead For Housing Starts

(25) Which Means Meager Home Sales

(26) House Price Growth Decelerating

(27) House Prices Still Around 2005 Levels

(28) Renter Nation

Business Activity

(29) Industrial Production Slowing

(30) Manufacturing and Trade Sales Slipping

(31) Soft Data Trailing Hard Data

(32) Trends in Retail

(33) Where the Retail Money Goes


(34) The Disinflationary Environment

(35) Surging Healthcare Costs

(36) Interest Rates: Lower For Longer

(37) Plenty of Money, Not Enough Velocity

(38) Ballooning Fed Balance Sheet

Gross Domestic Product

(39) Consumption Rolls Onward

(40) Private Investment Crawling Back

(41) The Government Drag

(42) Improving Trade Balance, Until Recently

(43) Putting it All Together

U.S. economy

U.S. economy

See full PDF below.

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