Special iPhone 8 Model To Have OLED Display: Analyst

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The latest Apple rumor suggests that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus might be fitted with two different displays.

While the iPhone 7 has not been officially announced yet, the rumor mill has already set its sights on the iPhone 8. According to a report from Gabelli & Co. research analyst Hendi Susanto, only one out of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may be fitted with an OLED screen.

“Partial adoption” of OLED technology in iPhone 8

Many analysts believe that Apple will play things safe with the iPhone 7 before bringing in a raft of changes with the iPhone 8. One of those rumored changes is the introduction of an OLED display, and Susanto believes that it will arrive in 2017.

However the analyst says that there may be a “partial adoption” of OLED technology in order to reduce the pressure on suppliers. It is thought that they could struggle to meet the demand for OLED displays if they were introduced to both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

A “specialized edition” of the iPhone 8 could be built with OLED technology as its distinguishing factor. The introduction of the technology is a major topic of discussion between Apple and investors.

Screen technology as differentiating factor

While some people think that OLED screens will appear on the 2018 iPhone, others believe that a partial adoption will make it possible in 2017. As a result Apple will be able to introduce the technology without placing huge stress on supply chains.

If that were to be the case, the other iPhone 8 would still use existing LCD technology. It is thought that the Apple iPhone 7 will see the company introduce differentiating features, whereas before the different models of iPhone were distinguished only by the size of their screens.

Speculation is rife that the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-lens camera that will not be included on the standard model. This may be an attempt to drive sales of the larger handset.

Of course there is still a chance that Apple will wait until its supply chains are strong enough to provide OLED screens for every iPhone that it makes. This could mean 2018 or later.

Flagship smartphone market hotting up

Other rumors about the iPhone 8 include the idea that it will be made significantly thinner than its predecessors, with no home button, and wireless charging capabilities.

As it stands this information is based on pure speculation, and should be treated with caution. However it is interesting to think that Apple may stagger the introduction of OLED displays.

The company continues to battle it out with Samsung in the flagship smartphone market, with the pair remaining dominant. However the lukewarm expectations for the iPhone 7 have commentators wondering what Apple has up its sleeve for the 2017 iPhone.

First impressions of the rival Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been favorable, and a slightly earlier launch date may help the Korean company to lure buyers away from its U.S. rival. Other interesting launches in the sector include the LG V20, which will reportedly offer incredibly audio capabilities. However it is tough to see any other tech company breaking the dominance of Apple and Samsung at this stage.

Keep your eye out for more information on the upcoming iPhone 7 to get a better idea of which direction Apple is heading in, and prepare yourself for the growing tide of rumors about the iPhone 8.

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