8 Speaking Habits To Help You Sound Professional

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Speaking Habits – some key tips to help for small or large audiences.

Delivering a presentation or simply speaking in front of an audience is sometimes regarded as a challenge. No matter what the circumstances may be, there are people who can either handle these situations flawlessly or get influenced by emotions.

Although feelings and emotions are things we cannot always control, there are some other aspects that you can improve in order to make a good impression through your presentation, regardless of the language of yourself or the audience.

Speaking in public is not solely about the information we deliver but also about other factors such as reaction time, presentation, body language, knowledge, emotions and tone of voice. Even though we tend to ignore them at first, they can influence our overall performance.

Based on these influencing factors, there are 8 important speaking habits that can help you sound professional for your next presentation.

Taking them one by one, the first thing the audience will always notice is your posture. It can affect your body language and the impression you give to your spectators. Always maintain visual contact with your public and assure them that you are completely focused. As long as you convince them that you are present in the moment, you will gain their full attention and keep them interested.

Another important factor worth considering is the tone of your voice. You need to make sure that everyone is able to hear and fully understand you, especially when you deliver a presentation in front of a large audience. Make sure you find natural way of matching your words with body language and you will have their attention during your speech.

It is also important to make your message as clear as possible. You need to choose words that your audience will be able to understand. It is also important to avoid emphasising yourself too much because this can have an affect on your performance.

When you mention key points that you wish people will remember, use pauses to emphasize them. This will create suspense and raise the interest in your message. Therefore, the public will be aware that your words are worth remembering. Lastly, every presentation that sounds more like a conversation will always create a more positive impact on the audience and keep people engaged.

Remember and follow these tips the next time you are standing in front of an audience, for an engaging and successful presentation!

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