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Spaco: Levitating Voice Controlled Speakers Deliver 720-Degree Home Audio System

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SPACO – $199 speakers deliver truly uninterrupted surround sound

SPACO, meaning “space,” is the most affordable electrostatic Wi-Fi speaker system out there, combining the highest end audio with smart technology in one compact, designer home theater system.

A smart device that can be controlled by voice even in noisy situations, you can turn it up or down by simple commands like ‘lights on’ or ‘change track’. It becomes smarter the more you use it, it understands your music choices and ideal settings throughout the day.

The speakers look beautiful and have been crafted using high quality materials. The special levitating feature offers a true 720-degree sound that is uninterrupted and does not require wall mounts which can distort sound.

“When 360° sound was created, it was revolutionary yet it was as simple as positioning your speaker downward, so that sound radiated outward rather than in one direction,” said ASWY founder Allen Wang, who created the first Levitating Speaker, AIR.

SPACO Levitating Voice Controlled Speakers

Founded by a team of audio junkies, the SPACO is a highly engineered product that is designed for music lovers. The team wanted to create the best music experience and at the same time with 720-degree omnidirectional audio system. SPACO 5.1 system gives you the same audio performance no matter you place it. SPACO gives you absolute freedom to fit your interior design !

“Once you’ve heard audio from electrostatic drivers there’s no going back. This audio makes your hairs stand on end, you feel it in your bones, and your heart thuds harder,” Mr Wang said. “Everything is clearer, more real: this sound will blow you away. This is why SPACO is a super high-end home audio and yet you can get one speaker for just $199.”

SPACO Levitating Voice Controlled Speakers

SPACO is also a communication tool, connected to your mobile device, it allows you to talk with your family and friends just calling their name out, connecting you to the entire world. You can control your friend’s SPACO through the app, letting them choosing the amount of freedom they want to leave you. In this way, SPACO redefines the concepts of hi-fi system, communication and design into one object.

The SPACO is available on Indiegogo starting at $199

SPACO Key Features

  • Wi-Fi extender – creating a mesh Wi-Fi network for even the hardest to reach parts of your house
  • Smart Lighting – setting the ambience, color and hue of your home with full spectrum lighting
  • Voice control – hands-free communication with the audio system to control volume, next tracks and music streaming apps
  • Levitating Charging – charging while your tweeter is still floating and playing. The music never stop.
  • Social media app – making chatting to family and friends, wherever they are in the world fast and easy.
  • Multi-Room – listen to the same music in concert across your home, or play different tunes in each room
  • Noise Canceling– SPACO will hear your voice even in noisy environments.

SPACO Levitating Voice Controlled Speakers

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About Aswy:

Established in 2012, ASWY brought the world the first Levitating Speaker, introducing the concept of True 360-degree Surround Sound unimpeded by surface friction. In 2014, ASWY gained patents for its Levitating Speakers and Levitating Charging Technology and began selling the award-winning AIR and AIR2 speakers, renamed ONDO. With an emphasis on premium quality, ASWY is becoming known for its high-end design, quality materials and pushing the limits of technology. It now sells five premium models of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Levitating Speakers across the EU, US, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Visit www.aswy.co

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