Is SpaceX’s Rocket Tech Powering New Roadster? Musk Hints So

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Tesla and Space X have often exchanged technologies for their mutual benefit. This time, it appears, the rocket technology is being used in the new Roadster, which is believed to come with some crazy specifications and accelerates like a rocket.

Features that sound “unreal”

During the surprise launch of the Roadster last week, CEO Elon Musk made outlandish revelations about the car, such as, it can dash up to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and manage a range of 620 miles.

Musk himself said, “that these numbers sound unreal but they’re not.”

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, stated that a car fitted with a 600 horsepower engine and limited slip differential for an all-wheel drive, along with special tires and sub 3000-pound curb weight could go 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. And, the new Tesla Roadster could have some of these ingredients for a rocket-like sprint.

The dream-like features of the car does not stop there as the Tesla boss also revealed that when the Roadster hits the roads in 2020, it might be equipped with a special flight option as well. In a tweet on Sunday, Musk stated that there would be a special option package, which will give a next level of performance to the customers. Further, Musk stated that he cannot confirm if the package will give a flight option to the car, but said it might be a possibility.

The new entry-level of Roadster will cost around $200,000, while the Founders Edition will sell at $250,000. As of now, it is not known if the flight package would be available in the Founders edition or there would be a higher model in the future.

New Roadster – was it needed?

The Tesla Roadster is fitted with three motors, one in the front of the vehicle to drive the front wheels and two in the rear to move the rear wheels. The Roadster has all the features of a sports car, but Tesla has not compromised on the seating and size of the car. The Roadster is equipped with two full-size seats in the front, and two smaller seats in the rear, although space is a little confined.

Many analysts, however, believe that the need of the hour for Tesla is to focus on its mass-market car, Model 3. Analysts believe the semi-truck and the new Roadster would prove an expensive distraction for the company. Musk has already admitted that the company is in “production hell,” as the company was only able to produce 260 Model 3s in the last quarter.

This number is way behind Musk’s ambitious plan of producing 20,000 vehicles per month by the end of the December. The buzz is around that Musk wanted to drift the attention of critics and investors by launching the semi-truck and Roadster.

“I do feel like the company needed to generate a little bit of excitement,” said executive director of industry analysis at Edmunds, Jessica Caldwell, according to The Verge. “[Musk] needed a shiny new object to wave in front of everyone’s faces.”

At 10.13 a.m. EST, Tesla shares were down 2.51% at $307.31. Year to date, the stock is up almost 44%, while in the last one-month, it is down over 11%.

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