Musk’s SpaceX Schedules Fourth Attempt To Launch Falcon 9

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SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies will try again to launch its Falcon 9 from Brevard County after failing for the three consecutive times. The launch window was set for 9:21 a.m., but around 8 a.m., SpaceX announced the window has been pushed to 11:45 a.m. The company gave no specific reason for the change of time.

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch live coverage can be watched with the help of this link.

Fourth attempt from SpaceX

Air Force meteorologists expect a 70% chance of a favorable weather for the launch window running to 11:55 a.m. On Friday, the company test-fired a Falcon 9 rocket engine to prepare for the Monday’s launch of commercial satellites.

The company initially decided to launch Falcon 9 on May 10th to release six satellites into orbit, but could not do so due to weather and technical issues.

Orbcomm, whose six next-generation satellites will be taken into the orbit by a rocket, says the satellites will boost the data tracking for the global satellite and cellular service provider’s customers. In line with its $230 million expansion plan, the company is launching a total of 17 satellites.

Falcon 9-rocket is set to load six of 17 Orbcomm Generation 2 satellites adding more to the company’s existing constellation in low-Earth orbit. Post launch, SpaceX will try smooth landing of Falcon 9 in the Atlantic Ocean for recovery by ships, which is advancement towards developing a reusable booster.

Air Force certification

After this, SpaceX would be involved in launching NASA mission, and also taking up freights of private companies. The company will announce a facility in Brownsville, Texas as its new location for the upcoming launches.

SpaceX said last week that Air Force has given a green signal to first three flights of Falcon 9. Even though this is an important achievement by the company, it is just the first step in winning the certification from AirForce after which the company will be able to compete with the United Launch Alliance (ULA) for launches of national security payloads.

SpaceX is aiming to win the remaining certifications later this year, and the company is striving towards it despite a lawsuit SpaceX filed accusing Air Force of improperly awarding ULA a 36-launch contract that will limit near-term opportunities for competition.

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