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Space Black iPhone 7 Color [3D Renders]

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There were reports earlier this week that Apple is planning to release a ‘space black’ model of the soon to be with us, iPhone 7. Now, designer Martin Hajek has produced a collection of 3D renders.

Space Black iPhone 7 Color [3D Renders]

New renders for imagined iPhone 7

Hajek has developed quite a reputation for his renders of unreleased iPhones, using only the internet rumor mill as his source material. In this case, the renders give us a glimpse of what the rumored new device may look like in this new black color.

Previously, it was theorized that Apple would be releasing a dark blue version as well, which he has included in the renders.

How it looks

As has been rumored, the antenna lines on the back have been redesigned. These lines currently run across the back of the phone about one centimeter from the top and one centimeter from the bottom.

While not particularly intrusive, by redesigning this, so that they run across the top of the phone and don’t cross the body of the phone, it gives a much cleaner and sharper look. They weren’t particularly ugly, but the minimalist look of a switched off iPhone is enhanced by removing them.

The rear facing camera module is significantly enlarged too. There are still many unconfirmed reports that the iPhone may have a dual lens camera. There is not a dual lens camera in the renderings, just an enlarged camera, which will give better and clearer images.

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not the headphone jack will be removed from the iPhone 7. The latest reports suggest that the iPhone 7 will still have the 3.5mm jack, but also include a lightning adapter that supports headphones.

However, on these renders Hajek has given us a glimpse of what the phone may look like without the headphone jack. To give a little extra spice, the phone is seen with a pair of earphones, in space black too of course and lightning-equipped.

The benefit of removing the headphone plug, is that the phone can be made thinner, and there is more scope for water resistant properties. The lightning port can have two jobs, connecting headphones and doubling up as a port for the charging of the phone.

The renders also show a capacitive home button. Reports emerged this week that the iPhone 7 would feature a Force Touch home button. This means the button would sit flush to the device, making it look cleaner but with one less moving part, and that’s one less thing that can go wrong.

Low expectations for the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is due for release in September. Before Apple announce the phone and talk us through all the specifics and specifications, the internet is awash with rumors. Generally, the mood among Apple fans has a been a little downcast.

All the signs and rumors, (some of which are probably made up by journalists needing to fill copy…) are suggesting that the iPhone 7 won’t be the ground breaking or revolutionary phone we have come to expect from Apple every other year (think 6 followed by 6S).

Instead, the signs are pointing to it being a relatively modest update, and the real technological punch will be provided by the iPhone 8 (or whatever Apple calls the 2017 phone).

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is due out on the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone release. As British DJ, Norman Cook, known as Fatboy Slim said in his song Praise You, ‘We’ve come a long long way together’ and you can be sure that Apple will be keen to present that message.

Being the anniversary phone, we can confidently say that Apple will want it to be really special. The thinking that follows from that is that the cool, clever and ground breaking technology they could rush to try and put into the iPhone 7 will be held back and put into the anniversary edition instead.

The biggest feature of iPhone 8 is likely to be the implementation of wireless charging. This is the kind of game-changing technology that shifts phones off shelves in record numbers. The iPhone 8 is also expected to have an all glass body and an edge-less display.


A space black colored phone, on these renders, looks like a very slick, sleek piece of equipment. Apple will be hoping it is these, more cosmetic features, that will be enough to get people to go and buy an upgrade phone, when technology wise it will be very similar to the iPhone 6S models in the market at the moment.

For those who have been nurturing their iPhone 5 or 5S phones then the upgrade will be worth it, but for those with iPhone 6 or later, unless a new color is that important, then it is likely they will wait till the bumper iPhone 8 is released.

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