Sony Introduces Entertainment Streaming Service Vue

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Sony just joined the ranks of other tech companies in creating cable alternatives. The Japanese tech company launched Vue, a new television streaming service for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles.

Song introduces streaming service Vue

Vue offers a DVR-like service. Customers can watch both on-demand programs and live television. There are over 80 channels offered through the service. The starter package costs $50 per month and includes 53 channels like NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MTV and more. For $70 a month, the package includes 26 extra channels including Logo, Sprout and FXM. Channels that won’t be available though Vue include ABC, Disney and ESPN.

Sony’s Vue is the first package that is similar to cable packages. In February, Dish Network launched Sling TV, a streaming service with 17 channels for $20 per month. As more people continue to cancel their cable packages and cut the cord, the more tech companies respond to the demand for streaming options. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are three of the most popular streaming services. Most cable cutters opt to subscribe to one or all of these services to get their entertainment fix.

Networks offer subscription services

Some network and cable channels are trying to fight the competition by offering their own streaming services. Both CBS and Nickelodeon offer super affordable streaming options for $6 a month. HBO is also set to offer its HBO Now streaming service starting next month. It will offer a mix of on-demand and live programming.

Recently it was reported that Apple is planning offer a special Apple TV service later on this year, although the company has not confirmed that. It is expected to feature a mix of network and cable channels including Disney, ABC, CBS and Fox. The streaming service brings live television to Apple TV, iPhones and iPads.

The new Sony Vue service was tested late last year. It is set to become available to a wider range of people in the coming months.

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