Sony PlayStation 4 To Get Suspend/Resume Feature

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Sony is set to roll out the “suspend/resume” feature for the PlayStation 4 in an update soon. The Japanese tech company just confirmed the update on Wednesday.

The feature will come with the update for PlayStation 4 v2.50, and it will be available for free. The update will include a feature that allows the user to back it up as hard drive data to a USB drive before restoring it to PlayStation 4.

Sony PS4 gets a new feature

The “suspend/resume” feature was first announced by Sony in 2013. The company promised it would allow game players to pause a game and set it into rest mode. Once the player boots up the game console, it picks up right where it left off. The latest addition is quite an improvement. Gamers would previously need to save progress and turn off the console or else just leave it on.

The new feature will work with almost all PlayStation 4 games; however, Sony did not specify which games would not function with the feature. The new update from Sony also comes with a wide range of social features. Such new features include new ways to locate friends and play games with them. There are also accessibility options for players with disabilities, enabling them to customize button assignments, enlarge text size and modify text-to-speech. Those who already own the PlayStation 4 will get an option to install software updates automatically.

Microsoft’s future Xbox One updates

Sony isn’t the only game console maker to roll out updates. Just last week, Microsoft previewed its future updates to the Xbox One console. The list of updates include improvements to party chats, achievement notifications and game hub links. The latter helps players discover game content in their activity feed. The content comes from the games followed by friends. Players will also be able to get back to the game hub from activity feed posts from the game.

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