Solitaire To Make A Return On Microsoft Windows 10

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The much-loved card game will return on Windows 10 as a built-in game, meaning that you won’t have to download it separately as users of Windows 8 have to. Microsoft claimed that although Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts have a “devoted following,” it had decided not to pre-install them on Windows 8, writes Angela Moscaritolo for PC Mag.

Microsoft Windows 10 returns to a more traditional layout

In another nod to nostalgia, the Start menu will also return to Windows 10 after widespread criticism of its removal from Windows 8. Microsoft seems to be going back to its roots with the new OS, and some Windows gamers must also be hoping for the return of Minesweeper and Hearts. However at this stage it seems you’ll have to download them separately.

Solitaire is one of a number of changes that will be made with the arrival of Windows 10. The release of a new preview version revealed updated Mail and Calendar apps, while there are also improvements to the Start, Taskbar, and Action Center, Continuum, Task View, and Virtual Desktop.

The move towards a more traditional layout for Windows 10 is sure to placate traditionalists, who were upset by the changes implemented in Windows 8, with its tile system. The power button will also move back to the bottom left of the screen in Windows 10.

Further details expected to be announced soon

The exact launch date for Windows 10 has not yet been announced by Microsoft, although it appears that partner AMD may have inadvertently revealed the secret a few days ago. AMD CEO Lisa Su was speaking during a first-quarter earnings call when she mentioned that Windows 10 was set for an “end of July” debut.

We can expect a further announcement on the future of Windows during Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference which starts on April 29 in San Francisco. Microsoft appears to be moving back to a more classic layout for Windows 10, while also moving its operating system towards a new business model based on Windows as a Service.

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