Solar Eclipse Expected On Sunday Morning

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In the Eastern United States on Sunday morning, many Americans will not be able to see part of the Sun. According to a report in The Telegraph there will be a partial solar eclipse in the area over the weekend. The solar eclipse is not expected to completely block out our nearest star, it is expected to take a chunk out of it from the perspective of those on the ground, however.

Solar Eclipse Expected On Sunday Morning

The sun will rise in New Yorkat around 6:29 AM EST. The time of sunrise will differ depending on the location of the viewer, so they will have to look up local sunrise times. The partial eclipse should be noticeable just after sunrise. The eclipse will last an estimated 45 minutes, so it will only be viewable by earlier risers or dedicated sky watchers.

Solar eclipse

According to the report, those the furthest east should be able to see about 60% of the sun blocked out by the Sun on Sunday morning at sunrise. Some of the effect of the crescent sunrise will be visible as far west as Pittsburg according to the report.

Because the partial eclipse will only be viewable just after sunrise, viewers will need an almost entirely unobstructed view of the Eastern Horizon in order to see the effect of the eclipse. The sun will be low in the sky, so those on the coast or high off the ground will be best positioned to see the phenomenon.

The Telegraph warns readers about the usual dangers when viewing an eclipse. It should not be viewed with the naked eye. People who wish to see the effect will have to use a filter that blocks out ultraviolet light. Otherwise they can return to elementary school practice and put together their own pinhole projector to take a look at the solar eclipse.

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