Snoop Dogg Blasts Bill Gates Over Xbox Live Outage

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I had no idea that Snoop Dogg spoke French so eloquently, but the once rapper turned Snoop Lion when on an expletive filled rant haranguing Bill Gates during an Xbox Live outage on Wednesday night.

C’mon Snoop, Bill Gates is busy fixing the world

Smoking the chronic, the sticky-icky or whatever shizzle that Snoop Dogg is calling his weed these days rarely leads to violent sounding tirades, so my money is firmly on the side of far and away too much gin and juice. Gin, either the six or the seventh, doesn’t get me so much angry as “stabby” and since I can’t remember if it’s the sixth or the seventh that does it I try to avoid it all together.

Whatever caused it beyond the Wednesday Xbox Live outage, Snoop Dogg had some choice words for Bill Gates as well as Microsoft that even had him threatening to switch to Sony’s Playstation (Presumably 4).

Taking to Instagram video, the former superstar, now simple celebrity and owner of marijuana lifestyle site, had a few choice words.

And the misplaced rant from Snoop Dogg?

“What the f*** are you doing Bill Gates, fix your s*** man,” he said. “It’s that difficult to play somebody online,”began the rant.

Perhaps remembering that it’s probably not Bill Gates’ responsibility to head down to the server room he switched the object of his blame.

“A message to Xbox One or Microsoft or whoever the f***. Y’all f***ing servers f*** whack, man. Y’all gonna make me switch to PlayStation if y’all don’t hurry up and get this s*** fixed,”

Now, I was a bit surprised that Ol’ Calvin Brotus is sitting around the house as a “grown ass man” in the afternoon playing video games but that’s precisely when the outage occurred. Microsoft announced that it was looking into the problem at about 4PM EST. At around 11PM EST, the company said, “The issues should now be resolved! Please be sure to power cycle your Xbox console before trying to connect again,” via Twitter.

That, however, did little to cool down Snoop who then replied with a new caption to the Instagram video rant:

“Xbox 1 f***ing sucks online yes i said it ps4 here we come. Ceo. Hit my peoples up we done with xbox.”

Hey, Snoop….Bill Gates is a bit busy, stepped down from his CEO position in 2008, and stopped chairing the board in 2014.

I think you’re looking for Satya Nadella. “Hit his peoples up.”

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