Snapdragon 830 Could Support Up To 8GB Of RAM

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When it comes to the average consumer, they don’t much know the technicalities of the devices that they use. For example, some might wonder why their smartphones can’t have 6GB or 8GB of RAM. It’s because of the limitation of the CPU. The amount of RAM in the device depends on the CPU; if the CPU allows it, then it can have more RAM, or else, it requires less. Now if recent rumors are true, then a new Qualcomm SoC will support RAM of up to 8GB.

Qualcomm recently announced its Snapdragon 820 SoC, but it has yet to appear in actual devices. Its performance, thus, is not tested, and therefore, not much can be said. However, the focus is already shifting to the Snapdragon 820’s successor, the Snapdragon 830. Its exact specifications are not known, but various sources report that it will support RAM of up to a whopping 8GB.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 details

This next wave of flagship smartphones and tablets can incorporate such a processor, which will be capable of utilizing such an amount of RAM. This report comes from Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, who is of the opinion that this next generation of chip from Qualcomm will be code-named the MSM8998.

It is also said that the Snapdragon 830 chip will be made using a 10nm manufacturing process compared to the 14nm manufacturing process used for the Snapdragon 820. This can make the Snapdragon 830 more powerful, and it can have better energy management.

Of course such reports should be taken with a grain of salt, especially when the current generation of the Snapdragon 820 is not available, and talking about the 830 can be too premature right now. This can, however, be a matter of debate whether a smartphone or a tablet needs such an amount of RAM and whether it will be beneficial for the user. When it comes to hardware, it looks like the gap between computers and mobile devices is decreasing.

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