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Snapchat Phone: What Would It Look Like If A Reality?

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Even before Snap Inc. had its IPO, the company had begun to move in a direction away from software/apps alone. It’s possible you may have heard of the companies spectacles which were its foray into the hardware business. However, new rumors have emerged that suggest it may have plans to enter the smartphone market and for which concept renders already exist! But, the question is, what could have prompted such a move and what would a Snapchat phone look like?

Snapchat Phone

Snapchat Phone a Possibility?

Let’s start by saying, the people over at Snap Inc, as far as we understand it, have no plans to abandon their app. In fact, the rumor about a smartphone from the company if accurate could be a move to bolster its interests. How would it do that?

Well to start with the adage, you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket applies. Yes, Snapchat has been an almost runaway success since it burst onto the app stores. However, success doesn’t last forever, and the companies management know this. So, it seems almost natural that Snap Inc diversify its portfolio of products beyond the app and glasses.

As for other reasons, Facebook has maintained its inclusion of Snapchat like features across its desktop and mobile offerings. Something which is documented as being of considerable irritation to people at Snap Inc. Additionally, there are some which believe that iOS could soon lose the battle against Android in the US, and other parts of the world. Meaning, that both reasons could be good enough for a SnapChat phone running on Android.

Snapchat Phone features how it works
Image Source: mediakix.com

Possible Design and Features

You may remember that we mentioned, concept designs for a SnapChat phone already exist! Created by the design firm Mediakix. The company envisions a Snapchat phone with unique features not yet found on other devices.

Now, from what we can see, it looks as though this handset could be a fully functioning extension of the application. Yes, there’s a 360-degree camera for the obvious, but, there’s also deep integration with the app. Looking at the images it clear to see, as where the home button would normally be is the companies Ghost logo.

Furthermore, a look at the side of the handset reveals the usual power button and also volume controls which could allow scrolling. Regarding design, there’s little to go on other than a standard slab shape could be used. And it appears nothing revolutionary in the display department has been thought of. Why? Because while most companies are looking to remove the top, bottom, left and right bezels. This render clearly shows the Snap Inc phone has them all!

Past Attempts

Where those who are involved is social media are concerned, Snap Inc, if this becomes a reality won’t be the first. Back in 2013, Facebook entered the market with its HTC developed HTC First smartphone. However, it quickly learned that it doesn’t just require money to be thrown at an idea for it to work. The handset failed to gain traction and was quietly dropped, something which Snap Inc can ill afford.

So, if it does plan to develop a handset of its own, no amount of smart software integration and good looks alone will be enough. No, it will need to stand out from the crowd on multiple points, one which we’re sure a 360-degree camera would be.

New Hires and Deep Pockets

As a software/app company what would be your priority when looking to create a smartphone? Simply put, it would be to hire/headhunt talent who have experience within the industry. According to various reports, that’s exactly what Snap Inc, has been doing. It’s been hiring designers, and engineers, people with proven experience within the smartphone world.

Since it’s IPO this month, the company has a goal of raising somewhere in the region of $3 billion USD, according to sources, its long-term goal is to have raised $27 billion by 2027. Which is that becomes a reality would make it a formidable beast, one with a sizable war chest.

What do you think of the concept renders, would you be tempted to switch to a Snapchat phone? And if not why not? Come and share your opinion in the comments section below.

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