Snapchat Down For Many [UPDATE: It Is Up Now]

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Kids want it all and they want it now. Snapchat, which has repeatedly turned down buyout offers that were well below its present valuation of $20 billion, seems to have gone down in the morning hours today (just before Noon EDT) and it forced kids to listen to their teachers. No they didn’t, instead they took to alternate social media platforms and messaging apps to vent their displeasure with the service they love. And it’s that love that has pushed Snapchat to that massive valuation.

The “anonymous” nature of Snapchat with its disappearing messages has fueled that love and made people my age stay away from it (along with its myriad filters I don’t understand the use for) for this long and likely into the future.

In addition to voicing their general displeasure, many kids expressed their concern that they would lose their streak count, which is apparently a way of measuring yourself against your friends.

While the UK stupidly voted to leave the European Union, ISIS attacked Ataturk airport, and Donald Trump threatens the end of the world, it’s clear what’s really on the minds of Generation Z or whatever the hell we are calling them these days.




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