Six Things Every Advisor Must Have on Their LinkedIn Profile

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An optimized LinkedIn profile is an essential part of any financial advisor’s marketing efforts. But putting together a great LinkedIn profile involves more than just copying and pasting information from your resume. To get the most out of this professional social networking site, here are six things you need in your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Your headshot. Every LinkedIn profile should have a professional photo, since people are more likely to connect with you if they can see who you really are. Also, people you meet at networking events may not recall your name, but they will probably remember your face.Don’t choose just any picture. Make sure your profile photo is professional – a snapshot of you on vacation doesn’t convey seriousness. The image should also be current – your LinkedIn profile needs to represent who you are today, not who you were 10 years ago.
  2. Your contact information: Include information about how prospective clients, centers-of-influence and others can learn more about you and get in touch outside of LinkedIn. Include your email address and a link to your firm’s website, plus links to your blog, Twitter feed, Facebook business page or other social media accounts.
  3. A great headline: Your headline appears after your name in LinkedIn search results, so it needs to be both accurate and attention-grabbing. The default headline is your current job title and employer. But your headline will have more power if it promotes your specific expertise or your firm’s core marketing message. Rather than saying, “Financial Advisor at XYZ Firm,” emphasize what you do for your clients, e.g., “Financial advisor helping physicians achieve their retirement goals.”

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