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How To SIM Unlock The Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus To Switch Carrier

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If you’re lucky enough to have adorned yourself with one of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. You have surely been amazed by the high-end specs, durable design, and gorgeous infinity display. But, what if there’s a problem, you’re stuck with a carrier you don’t want to be with? Fortunately, there’s a solution, and that is to SIM unlock the handset and switch carrier. We’re going to tell you how to do that in a just a few simple steps.

SIM Unlock Galaxy S8

Now before we start, here are a few things to think about.

1. If you’re paying for your Galaxy S8 via a carrier contract, you can still switch carrier. That’s not entirely correct, and quite complicated. If you have taken out a loan with the provider, it’s best to ask before assuming it will allow a SIM unlock. As some will require that you have paid off a certain percentage of the value, before allowing the process to happen.

2. Owning a prepay version of the Galaxy S8 means you are not locked into a contract, so should be able to SIM unlock it. Again, please check with your carrier, as there could be some terms and conditions to meet.

3. If you purchased a SIM free, alternatively known as an unlocked device, you are already able to swap SIM and switch carrier. So, there is no need for you to follow the below tutorial.

Now, if you’re ready to move on with the tutorial, let’s get started.

How To SIM Unlock The Galaxy S8 And Switch Carrier

1. Before you do anything else, the first thing you need is the handsets IMEI Number, sometimes this can be found on the side of the box, or inside on a card. However, if it’s not, there is another way, which requires that you Turn On The Device. And then dial *#06#, the number you need will then appear on screen. Please make a Note Of It for future reference.

2. With the IMEI Number close to hand, call your the company who provides your airtime service. If you don’t know their number, the best places to look are on a monthly statement, in email correspondence. Or alternatively, Search Google.

3. When connected to your service provider, request a Carrier Unlock Code.

4. Once the above is done, you will be asked to provide your Galaxy S8’s IMEI Number. Sharing it with the representative will enable them to generate a SIM unlock code for your particular device. However, you will probably have to wait up to five working days before receiving it.

5. When the code arrives, it is now time to switch carrier. So, the first thing you are going to have to do is remove the unwanted SIM Card.

6. Next, insert a New SIM Card from a different carrier and then wait for the handset to detect its presence. When this happens, you will be given the opportunity to Enter The Unlock Code. Doing so will mean that you have successfully been able to SIM unlock the Galaxy S8 and switch carrier.

And that’s it; you can now chop and change providers whenever you feel like it.

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