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Silver Surges Higher? But Why? by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money

What in the world is going on with silver? It’s lighting up the markets and is the talk of the town once again. This metal exploded last week, gaining 4.5% in one week alone and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The reasoning for this is not fully known, but many notable and well respected names in the industry are raising the alarm and speculating as to what’s happening.

Some are suggesting that it has something to do with the pending crisis that the global markets are soon to face. This crisis is the one we alluded to last week, in which the FED held a series of secretive meetings, involving FED board members, the President and the Vice President in an unprecedented event.

Others are stating that it has to do with the Chinese market and their recently issued gold-backed yuan, an event that is going to rock the Forex markets and put China in a key position to smash the paper cartels whenever they feel the need to do so.

Given the fact that the Chinese are so heavily invested in precious metals, this scenario is incredibly likely and may be closer than ever, especially with the uncertainty that is unfolding in China and their increasingly more precarious financial situation.

Another scenario that seems to come up every time that precious metals are moving higher in a significant way is a COMEX default. Although this story has been told many times before, it doesn’t go without warrant, as COMEX reserves are laughably low and it would take only a small fraction of investors to take delivery to collapse this entire paper system.

The catalyst is yet unknown. Yet, what is here and now is a renewed bull market, that could take silver to its previous $50.00 highs. Already the algos and “hot money” chasers are in pursuit of silver and are creating a self fulfilling prophecy that is sending silver higher as more and more money pours into this tiny market.

This renewed bull market is flashing red hot and is setting up for a long move higher. I personally am in the camp that doesn’t believe it will go straight up, but will face a series of ascending moves, met with short- to medium-term resistance. Either way, get ready for a fun ride – our patience and discipline may be finally paying off.

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