Meb Faber: Would You Stick To Short-Term Bonds Or Hold Cash

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Would You Stick To Short-Term Bonds Or Hold Cash by Meb Faber

Guest: Episode #16 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Meb’s co-worker, Jeff Remsburg.

Date: 8/16/16

Run-Time: 53:19

Topics:  Episode #16 is another “Listener Q&A” episode. With Jeff asking follow-ups, here are a few of the questions Meb tackles:

  • Given low bond yields, what asset would you suggest holding in a trend following strategy while in “cash”? Would you stick to short-term bonds, diversify with several bond funds, or actually hold cash?
  • I struggle with a way to screen for quality. I just listened to your podcast with Pete Mladina and he alluded to profitability as a factor. Have you done any work here?
  • Do you believe that the development of smart beta (momentum, value, low vol…) will kill the edge of these factors?
  • It’s difficult to distinguish signal from noise when evaluating different indicators, such as forward PE versus TTM PE. What suggestions do you have for evaluating the myriad indicators out there?
  • I just came into a lump sum of money. Is there any research on the best way to invest it into a pricey market? All at once? Average in? Buy on the pull-backs?
  • Should your primary residence count toward your asset allocation and portfolio?
  • What do you mean by rebalancing taxable accounts by cash flows?

There are many more questions that touch upon topics including currency exposure, tweaks to shareholder yield, and the effects of hefty fees. All this and more in Episode 16.

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