Is It Time To ‘Sell’ Twitter Inc (TWTR) Stock?

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“A Eulogy for Twitter”, “Twitter isn’t dying. It died in 2009!”, and “The death of Twitter as we know it?”, are just a few of the latest headlines following Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s quarterly results.

Twitter Stays in the Headlines

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) stock peaked in December at $74.73, but last Wednesday the stock fell to a low of $37.24. Many investors continue to be disappointed in Twitter’s slowing growth, which has been dropping for five straight quarters. Twitter reported that they had 255 million active monthly users in March.  However, this number failed to meet the expectations of 257 million users which was projected by the Street. Many avid social media users are turning to other applications to communicate and transfer information, including Snapchat and Instagram. And now, interested parties are wondering whether Twitter will be able to keep up with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and if they will be able to turn around their slowdown in new user acquisitions.

What Does This Mean for Twitter’s Stock?

Pivotal Research analyst, Brian Weiser, believes that Twitter is “focusing on the right things,” and adds that he only has “positive things to say about the company.” But, his “quibble is with the stock.” Brian reiterated his SELL Twitter rating, echoing his actions around Twitter’s IPO. Brian is ranked 114 out of 3051 analysts, with a +4.5% average return over S&P-500 and a 67% success rate of recommendations.

On the other hand, BMO Capital analyst Daniel Salmon recommends HOLD Twitter. After Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) reported a $132.4 million loss for the quarter, resulting in 23 cents per share, BMO Capital lowered its target from $53 to $42, citing, “the resent in valuation of growth-oriented stocks”. Daniel isn’t giving up on Twitter, just simply reevaluating the stock. Daniel is ranked 772 out of 3051 analysts, with a +1.2% average return over S&P-500 and a 47% success rate of recommendations.



Many analysts could argue that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been “dying” since its IPO, but is now the time to get out and SELL Twitter before it’s too late?

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