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Some news from S Seeking Alpha PRO via two recent emails to contributors

  1. Exposure: We send SA members more than 200 million emails each month. Our email alerts help you reach investors who follow the stocks you cover, and increase the exposure of your articles.
  2. Payments: Exclusive articles earn about $71 on average. To learn about our compensation structure, click here.
  3. PRO Payments: High-quality single-stock articles selected for “Seeking Alpha PRO” earn at least $150 per article. “Top Ideas” earn at least $500.
  4. ​Marketplace: You can further enhance your earnings and exposure on the site by offering a subscription service. And when you post regularly, we are paying you to market your product.
  5. New! PRO Access – All active contributors now have unlimited access to our full research library, including Seeking Alpha PRO content. Publish your next article within 15 days to retain this access!​

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Dear contributor,

Starting this Monday (April 16), we are making changes to Seeking Alpha PRO+ in order to (hopefully) deliver more value to subscribers.

Subscribers have said they wanted more actionable Top Ideas - investment opportunities with asynchronistic risk/reward profiles. (Currently, we are publishing 3-4 Top Ideas per month.) Many also said that 24 hours of exclusivity was insufficient to take advantage of Top Ideas.

So, starting Monday, April 16, PRO+ subscribers will receive a single actionable long or short idea - Seeking Alpha's Top Idea of the Day - every business day. Subscribers will have exclusive access to each Top Idea for a full seven days, and only subscribers will have access to the comprehensive list of Top Ideas (found here). The daily PRO+ email will provide an easy-to-skim snapshot of Today’s Top Idea, and a link to the full in-depth thesis.

We want truly outstanding ideas. So we’re upping the ante; authors whose ideas are selected and published as Top Ideas will now receive $1,000.

On the other hand, we are ceasing to publish “PRO” articles. PRO is no longer a small subset of articles; it is our entire single-stock research library. Subdividing that into tiers makes PRO+ more confusing. (This doesn’t mean we won’t be rewarding authors whose articles are being read by PRO and PRO+ subscribers; we’re actively working on that.)

Here’s how we view the value proposition of PRO and PRO+:

PRO: Access to our unparalleled single-stock research library.

PRO+: Daily outstanding idea gen, and access to our unparalleled single-stock research library.

As always, you can add a note to an article asking PRO editors to review it for Top Idea consideration. And you can reach our PRO editors at [email protected].

We’re excited about this new direction. Please let us know what you think.

Eli and the Seeking Alpha PRO editors

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