Secretly Hate a Friend on Facebook? Here’s What You Can Do

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You might have added hundreds or maybe even thousands of friends on Facebook, but do you really like all of them? It’s possible that you might even hate some of them, but have never revealed it to anyone. Here’s something you can do to take out your frustration, apart from removing the offending party from your friends list.

Secretly Hate a Friend on Facebook? Here's What You Can Do

New website

If you don’t want to unfriend, but still need some catharsis, then check out an interesting website: As the name suggests, you should visit this site if you hate one or more of your Facebook friends. Here’s how it works.

Browse to the site and log in with your Facebook details. Authorize the app to access your account. After this, you’ll be able to see the screen filled with all of your Facebook friends. There’s also an option to search by name if you want to find a particular friend.


So if you want to hate a friend, click on “Hate Him” or “Hate Her.” By doing this, you’re declaring that you hate that person, but don’t worry, the app won’t post this information anywhere. Only you’ll know that you hate that person.

The Twist

Here’s the twist — if that same friend also uses this site, and also hates you, then you will both be notified that you hate each other. So it boils down to you both must mutually hate each other to find out about it. But that’s it; the app won’t post anything to Facebook or won’t reveal the information anywhere else.

Secretly Hate a Friend on Facebook? Here's What You Can Do

You can check out the tabs, “Who I hate” and “Who hates me too” to keep track of who you hate, and who hates you. You also have the option of “Don’t hate him” if you become a friend with a current “hatee”.

At least now there’s something that you can do besides grit your teeth if you actually hate a Facebook friend!

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