SEC Filings For Humans: Another Good Resource

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One More Post on SEC Filings by David Merkel, CFA of Aleph Blog.

My readers are the best.  Here is another example:


David –

You may also like for reading filings. It’s a nice user interface and hopefully it will support additional filing search functions in the future.

There are a a lot of things to commend SECLive — setting up lists to track companies, etc., but the best feature is the ability to download tables to Excel for free.  I’m planning on doing a post on insurance reserving as a result, and you may see other articles on dollar-weighted returns as a result.  Can’t tell you how much time I have spent reformatting HTML pasted into Excel.

It is amazing what is out there for free.  Count your blessings, and if you are a fundamental investor, use some of these tools.

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