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Sears Holdings (SHLD): Dreams Matter – The Mattress Shop by SHC Speaks

It’s no secret that sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems, accidents and even memory issues. In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control stated that insufficient sleep was a public health epidemic. Its study found that 48 percent of Americans do not get enough sleep and 80 percent agreed that lack of sleep causes problems like difficulty concentrating and increased stress. While the causes for this can be many, we know that sleeping on the right mattress can help – and help you get back to dreaming.

Introducing Dreams Matter

“Sleep and the right mattress matters to Sears, because we know how much Dreams Matter to you.” This is the statement that anchors our new positioning for the Sears Mattress Shops that officially kicked off in May. The identity represents a different mindset toward a good night’s rest – not just sleeping, but achieving a dream state, and positively impacting health and wellness. Our Mattress Shops feature a new look and feel along with an integrated approach across all of our channels for our customers and Shop Your Way members.

Did You Know?

We spend approximately one-third of our lifetime on a mattress, and our Dreams Matter mission statement brings to life why sleep is so important and why dreams really do matter:

“At Sears, we rise each day thinking, talking and dreaming about sleep. So that we can deliver not only a better mattress, but a better nights’ sleep to you. Because real, natural sleep fuels the human body. Over time allowing us to not only have a better day, but a brighter future—delivering on our hopes and dreams. Sleep keeps our dreams alive. Because when you sleep better you awaken to the world with wide-eyed optimism, a feeling that anything is possible, that greatness is always within reach. Sleep and the right mattress matter to Sears, because we know how much dreams matter to you.”

The Right Mattress

We understand that many other mattress retailers use a high-pressure approach to sell you a mattress before you leave the store. We take exception with this approach and believe there is a better way. Sears and our brands have always stood for trust, and we want to build on this to establish a long-term relationship with our members and customers. Of course, we also offer exceptional value—including generous financing and free delivery on most mattresses—along with price match and sleep satisfaction guarantees, which is what you would expect from Sears.

With this, I would like to invite you in to one of our over 700 Sears Mattress Shops across the country. When you do, you will not only find some of the largest mattress shops in the country, with over 80 different mattresses across all the best brands in the industry to choose from, including Tempur-pedic, Stearns & Foster, Serta, Beautyrest, Simmons, and more, but you will find our highly trained Dream Team associates ready to guide you to the right sleep solution.

Additionally, here are some key and important things to consider if you are in the market for a better sleep solution:

  • If you have had a mattress for over 10 years, it may be time for a new one – old mattresses will build up dust and dirt, along with developing uneven sleeping surfaces.
  • Depending upon your space, go for a bigger bed if you have the room, especially if you sleep with a partner. The extra space is well worth it.
  • Ensure you understand your sleeping position because this is a critical determination in selecting the right firmness of your mattress – do you sleep on your side, back or stomach?
  • Does your neck hurt when you wake up? The mattress firmness matters, but also ensuring you get the right pillow will dramatically help reduce morning soreness.
  • Do you get cold or hot when you sleep at night? Mattresses today have advanced significantly in sleeping technology and can help regulate your body temperature.
  • Do you use a tablet or laptop in bed? If so, you should consider adding on an adjustable base, which also has the latest in technology and is rapidly becoming a favorite among Gen X/Yers.

Visit the Sears Mattresses Knowledge Center for tips about buying a new mattress and related accessories.

We are excited about the launch of our new positioning, and hope you will stop by one of our stores soon to have one of our Dream Team associates help you improve the productivity of the other two-thirds of your life.

James Alt is the SVP & President of Mattresses, Seasonal and Outdoor Living for the Sears and Kmart formats