Scranton Parking Garage Sold Off For Pennies

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In Scranton, it is always good to have the local government in pocket. That way you can get away with doing completely outrageous things like contaminating the city’s water (here) and buy government property for pennies on the dollar. Recently, the parking Garage was handed over in a dubious twist of nonsensical transaction that would even make traders in Wall Street blush.

Want A Garage?

We stated before that it was strange for a non-profit to have an overwhelming interest in parking(here). Of course, what we found out is that the deal permits the owner of the steam down mall, John Balsalyga, to buy the garage for a dollar through a firm called Steamtown 300. He will be able to control the property and pay rent on it for 40 years. Now, where did this property come from? Tax payers! Why was this property created in the first place? To give tax payers a place to park. What has become of it? It is now own and controlled by private interest.

Pay Nothing

Why pay taxes so that the government can use them to buy property that will be sold off to buddies of the government? The amount of taxes in Scranton is outrageous, and what’s more is that you get deals like this on the front page of the news. The city is in complete tatters and the only ideas that this pathetic government can come up with is to sell public assets. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to admit that they do not know what they are doing? There is either blind obedience occurring in the halls of the Scranton government or complete and utter stupidity. The sheer incompetence is so amazing that it is actually unbelievable.

Scranton – Getting Money and Stuffing it in Your Pocket

So what becomes of the money that the Scranton government will receive from the sale of the public’s assets? It will be pocketed by the very same government (here). In other words, the Scranton government has invented a new way to steal the public’s money. Instead of just raising taxes, they can develop property with tax payer’s money and later sell it off to friends. They think that the public is far too stupid to catch on to an obvious scam. Of course, they are banking on the Scranton people accepting this nonsense. The good thing is that the Scranton people are catching on! More and more Scrantonians are standing up to the government. Many have already begun refusing paying taxes, just like many of the police and firemen already do! Save Scranton will soon be broadcasting footage from Scranton tall hall meetings for all to see. The rest of America needs to see the sheer incompetence of what is going on in Scranton. How representative government has utterly failed the city of Scranton and why the Scranton people are justified in boycotting the local government. It will also be amazing to see how they city council is entirely incapable of doing anything except make the city a worse place to live. #Savescranton #BoycottScrantonGovenrment #BSG
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