Sarah Palin Net Worth: A Glimpse into Her Net Worth and Earnings

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Sarah Palin is a well-known political figure in the United States. She was the ninth governor of Alaska between 2006 and 2009. She was John McCain’s presidential running-mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Sarah is a media personality and a published author. Sarah Palin has built a net worth of $8 million from her political career. She also earns from book revenues and other business ventures.

Are you curious about the life story of this American politician? Get a glimpse of Sarah Palin’s financial evolution, from her political roots to TV stardom. Learn how she built her impressive net worth of $8 million.

Sarah Palin’s Biography

Early Life

Sarah Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, on February 11, 1964. She was the third child of Sarah Heath and Charles Heath. Sarah Palin and her family relocated to Skagway, Alaska, three months after her birth. In 1969, they moved to Eagle River, Anchorage, before settling in Wasilla, Alaska, in 1972.

Sarah Palin attended Wasilla High School. She was quite active in school. She played flute in junior high and led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in high school. She played basketball. She was the co-captain of her senior high basketball team. The team won the Alaska State championship in 1982. She was also in the school’s cross-country running team.

After high school, Sarah Palin joined the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Shortly after, she transferred to the Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu in 1982. She studied for a semester before returning to the mainland. She enrolled at the North Idaho College for two semesters in 1983.

She graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Idaho in 1987. She majored in journalism.

Sarah Palin married her high school boyfriend, Todd Palin, in 1988. He was a commercial fisherman. The following year, they got their first child, Track Palin. Sarah joined her husband in his commercial fishing business before joining American politics.

Early Career

Sarah Palin’s career began as sports reporting journalist after university. She worked in an Anchorage TV station.

Sarah Palin entered the political arena in 1992 in the Wasilla city council. Her active involvement in politics began in 1996. She ran for the office of mayor of Wasilla City with a Republican ticket. As the Wasilla mayor, Sarah became famous for cutting taxes and unnecessary spending. She launched several environment-saving initiatives.

In 2002, Sarah Palin decided to advance her political career. She joined in the race for the office of lieutenant governor of Alaska. Sarah lost the nomination but became a central figure in the Republican party.

After the elections, Sarah endorsed the elected governor, Frank Murkowski. Afterward, she received several job offers, declining most of them. She later accepted Murkoswski’s appointment to head the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. 

She knew nothing about the oil fields then but pledged to do her best. She committed to learning as much as she could about the industry.

Sarah returned to the ballot in 2006. She defeated Murkowski to become the new Alaska governor. She began well, but her approval rate dropped after a corruption probe. Her involvement in a for-profit corporate prison brought her a lot of heat. She allegedly violated ethics. She allowed an initiative that allowed hunters to profit from wolf hunting.

Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska in 2009.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah was the running mate of John McCain. This appointment brought Palin under intense media scrutiny. Political analysts criticized McCain’s team for lousy work on background checks. They believed Sarah’s past killed John McCain’s shot at the White House.

The 2010 controversial shooting of politician Gabby Giffords brought Sarah Palin under heat. The shooting came amid a series of violence against democrats. Sarah allegedly supported and promoted this violence.

She filed a defamation case against New York Times for the accusations. But the case was dismissed. She failed to prove that the NYT acted with malice to allow the jury to decide the case.

Facts About Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was born Sarah Louise Heath in Sandpoint on February 11, 1964. The 59 years-old Republican is among the wealthiest politicians in the United States. The famed author’s estimated net worth of $8 comes from her political career. She has also earned from book sales, public speaking, and TV production.

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Earnings & Financial Data

Sarah Louise Palin’s net worth ranges between $8 million and $12 million. The following table shows how she attained her wealth.

Sarah Palin’s net worth$8 million to $12 million
Annual salary as Alaska Governor$125,000
8-episode TV show Sarah’s Alaska$250,000 per episode
Book advance$1.25 million
Contract with Fox News$1 million per year, 2009-2012 $250,000 per year, 2013-2015
Salary from her company, “Pie Spy,”$70,000 per year
Earnings from Cameo$211,000
Earnings from Coutts & Co.$6,715
Undisclosed earningsSarah Louise Palin’s undisclosed earnings include book loyalties from her 2009 book, Going Rogue: An American Life, and income from her investment portfolio.

Sarah Palin’s Assets & Investments

Sarah Palin is a famous American politician with an estimated net worth of $8 million. She has built her wealth from politics, TV shows, and real estate investments.

Sarah and Todd Palin bought a $1.75 million home in Scottdale, Arizona, in 2011. Five years later, the couple sold the six-bedroom house for $2.275 million. Sarah bought another property in Scottdale, Arizona, for less than 1 million dollars.

Sarah and Todd began constructing their dream home on this property but did not complete it. The couple sold the half-developed property for $6.2 million. The divorced couple co-owns several assets in Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s investment portfolio includes El Dorado Arizona Farms LLC. She has also invested in El Dorado Bella Vista LLC and Iron Investments LLC. All three are in the record as investment funds.


Does Sarah Palin Have a Daughter?

Sarah and Todd Palin share five children, two sons and three daughters. The daughters’ names are Bristol Palin, Willow Palin, and Piper Palin. The sons are Track Palin and Trig Palin. Sarah and Todd Palin divorced in 2020 and agreed on shared custody of their underage son, Trig Palin.

Where Does Sarah Palin Live Now?

Sarah Heath Palin lives in Idaho, Alaska.

What is Bristol Palin’s Net Worth?

Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin is Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter. She is an American speaker and a TV personality with a net worth of $500,000.


Sarah Louise Heath Palin is a popular political figure in the United States. She has held several political positions in the past. In 2008, she attempted a run for the White House as a vice president. The American television pundit and political commentator is worth $8 million.

She has built her wealth from politics, book sales, and advance payments. She has also earned speaking appearances and the reality TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Sarah is a shrewd real estate investor. She has made millions of dollars from buying and reselling properties.