Samsung Unveils Bizarre Galaxy Surfboard

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It might sound like a joke, but Samsung is in fact advertising a Galaxy Surfboard on Brazilian television.

The strange device looks like any other surfboard, apart from the fact that it has a display and a slot for the Galaxy S7 smartphone. The Galaxy Surfboard is featured in a video that has been showing in Brazil, featuring surfer Gabriel Medina.

New video shows off Galaxy Surfboard

Samsung has apparently spotted a gap in the market for high-tech surfboards, and the video show exactly how it will improve your surfing experience. Medina can be seen receiving inspirational messages to the Galaxy Surfboard display, which presumably make him surf better rather than acting as a distraction.

The Galaxy S7 smartphone acts as the computer that powers the device, which is purportedly a training aid. However it looks like Brazilian YouTube users have interpreted it as a communications device, judging by the disparaging comments that the video has received.

Given that surfing is supposed to act as an escape from daily life and provide a chance to connect with Nature, it does seem strange that anyone would want to take their smartphone with them as they ride the waves. However as with most Samsung products the Galaxy Surfboard does look pretty sharp.

Consumer electronics continues to evolve

It must be said that the Galaxy Surfboard is unlikely to make it past the concept stage. However it does illustrate how electronics companies are looking for the next big trend in consumer electronics.

While some tech companies are betting on wearables, others are investing heavily in virtual reality. Samsung has so far entered into both of those markets, while also performing strongly in the smartphone arena.

It seems unlikely that Samsung will be teaching the next generation of surfers with its Galaxy Surfboard. However it does show that the company is pushing the boundaries when it comes to finding new uses for technology.

Watch the full video above to get a better idea of how the Galaxy Surfboard works. The hardcore surfers among you may not be impressed, but for the rest of us it is at least a curious development from Samsung.

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