Samsung Unveils ‘BatPhone’, A Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung have been teasing us for a while with intriguing tweets from their official Twitter account, but they have now officially confirmed that they are releasing a Batman themed Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

New Batman Edition

To correspond with the anniversary of the Batman game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, (it is now three years already) Samsung is releasing a limited edition S7 Edge Injustice Edition, and the fans of the popular comic are all celebrating. The new phone is being made in conjunction with Warner Bros Interactive. The launch is an interesting tie in between the two companies as Samsung looks to promote gaming on their Galaxy device, while Warner Bros (and DC Comics) look to revive popularity in the fighting game.

Samsung and Batman

It is a cool looking piece of tech, with a gold Batman emblem on the back. However, this isn’t just about a good looking phone. They have indicated that in certain countries, people buying the phone will also receive a Gear VR headset, and credits that can be used for the Injustice game and Oculus VR “content vouchers”.

The new edition is also designed to give improved hardware and software capabilities, and what is sure to please everyone, enhanced battery life. This means you can play the game on those long car journeys (assuming you are not driving!) for longer periods before the dreaded ‘low battery’ warning signs. All these features should enrich the game playing experience and creating a nice synergy between the two companies.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever own bat-mobile, and the costume is only for kids fancy dress parties, but a ‘bat phone’, a cutting edge smart phone with  Batman bells and whistles is now available. ‘To the nearest store Robin’. But ‘holy jitterbugs batman’, like any good comic, there is a little twist in the tale.  US Batman lovers may have to wait a little longer to get their hands on one. The limited release, scheduled for early June, is only planned for “”select territories, including China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia and others to be announced soon.”

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