Samsung To Release ‘Galaxy Alpha’ To Beat iPhone 6

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Samsung’s next flagship smartphone is set to arrive soon and may just crush excitement for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. The Galaxy Alpha is most likely the codename for the rumored Galaxy F phone.

Samsung’s next rumored smartphone

It has been rumored Samsung would release a smartphone with better quality and improved handset design including a metal body, Exynos 5 Octa Chip, 4.7 inch Super AMOLED display, and 6 millimeter profile. This report comes from two Korean websites ETNews and The Korea Herald over the weekend. The South Korean tech giant is also expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 in a few months at IFA.

Samsung’s biggest rival Apple is expected to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 6 which is rumored to be a phablet style phone which will be a first for Apple. The demand for larger phones is a market not to be missed and Apple fans have long wanted the company to launch such a device. This upcoming model is expected to come in two sizes including a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch version. The phone may also likely feature a durable sapphire display, a thinner chassis, slimmer bezels, and optical image stabilization.

Galaxy Alpha to compete against iPhone 6

It’s reported the Galaxy Alpha will arrive next month before Apple unveils the iPhone 6. Both Samsung and Apple have been vying for top smartphone maker position for a long time. The competition between the companies is rather fierce and the ongoing battle spawned many lawsuits between the companies. Although Apple has won a majority of the lawsuits, Samsung is still standing strong. Both companies continue to take a significant portion of smartphone sales.

Whether or not the Galaxy Alpha turns out to be like the phone mentioned above remains to be seen. For now, there is still plenty of room for both phones in the market.

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