Samsung Forms Special Team To Make Displays For Apple Inc. [REPORT]

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Samsung Display, the company’s screen manufacturing division, has assigned a team of about 200 workers to will fully concentrate on producing displays for Apple products. The team, which was formed on April 1 by Samsung, is being considered as a major step toward its strengthening business relationship with the iPhone company, as reported by Bloomberg.

Specific to focus on development and sales

The specific group will not just manage the development of screens for products such as iPads and MacBooks but will also focus on sales. Such an effort is not something new from the Korean firm, as the company has long been associated with making displays for Apple. Also the company was one of the chief suppliers of the iPad screens at one point.

Moreover, not only on the display front, the Galaxy maker has had a partnership with Apple in making processors. Until recently, Samsung was the singular provider of the processors for iPads and iPhones, though last year Apple sent some share of the contract to Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Further, the induction of an exclusive team could mean Samsung might end up making screens for the Apple Watch. Though, it has been reported that besides Samsung, LG Display also possesses a distinct group of employees focusing on Apple.

Apple, Samsung relationship: has it improved?

Along with being partners in some aspects, Apple and Samsung have shared a cut-throat rivalry for years. The intensity of competition has been the highest in the smartphone market, in which both companies attempt to outperform each other every quarter. By the end of 2014, Apple maintained its strong presence aided by the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while its Korean competitor has continued to dominate the mobile market with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

In addition, the companies have been involved in filing lawsuits concerning the violation of patents. But after spending years in trials and millions of dollars in legal fees, both agreed to put an end to their legal battle outside the United States in 2014. This indicates that the relationship between the world’s leading technology firms has become considerably better. Also Samsung’s effort involving the formation of a display team for the iPhone company further reflects the growing relationship between the two.

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