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Samsung May Unveil Stretchable Displays For Future Notes And Phones

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This week at a little-known technology trade show called SID, which stands for the Society for Information Display. Samsung may unveil rollable and stretchable displays for future Notes and Phones. Here’s what you need to know.

Samsung Stretchable Display’s

A recent report by the Korea Herald has reported that the South Korean giant will make use of the trade show to show off its latest display technologies. This according to the report will include the unveiling of 9.1-inch stretchable displays. The event starts on May 23rd and ends on the 25th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

According to a report from the Korea Herald, the tech company will use SID 2017 to show off its new stretchable display. The trade show runs from May 23 to 25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Now, if you’re wondering how this technology differs from rollable or previously touted flexible displays here’s some detail.

Stretchable Displays, The Difference

While consumers are yet to see rollable or flexible displays on smartphones, in a lab sense, they have been around for some time. As for what the difference between those and stretchable displays are, unlike the others they can stretch by up to half and inch in any direction. Although, while the resolution of images or video on those rollable and flexible technologies may become less detailed. On stretchable displays, Samsung has claimed it has managed to produce technology which keeps its resolution, even when stretched.

Current OLED Panels

As for how this new technology compares to the current most sought after OLED Panels. Right now, they can only be stretched on one side, any more and it would affect the quality of what’s on screen. Samsung, which is the world’s largest producer of OLED panels has been working on improving this for some time. With the ultimate aim of producing a stretchable OLED Panel that is transformable.

On this matter a Samsung Spokesman said:

“While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed – whether curved, [bent] or rolled – in both sides, above and below.”

Other Samsung OLED’s For Future Notes and Phones

While it is not clear when if ever we will see a Samsung Galaxy Note or other phones with stretchable Display’s, It’s not the only futuristic version of the screen technology the company has been working on.

It is also expected to unveil a new kind of glassless three-dimensional OLED panel. One that is 5.09-inches in size and realizes real-world objects, which can be seen differently depending on a user’s position. Apparently, this technology has connotations for both VR and AR (augmented reality). Meaning, they can be used for 3D games, pop-ups, books, and more.

There’s no doubt, at some point soon, we will see a video showing the stretchable displays, and possibly the others. However, it’s highly unlikely we will see any of them in say a Galaxy S9, or Galaxy Note 8. However, a recent IHS Markit report, tech like stretchable displays will make up 15-percent of the market by 2024.

Source: Koreanherald.com

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