Samsung Galaxy S8 Active May Soon Be Available On T-Mobile

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is apparently coming to T-Mobile, according to trusted tipster Evan Blass. The phone has been receiving positive reviews, but its AT&T exclusivity has been a problem. According to Blass, the phone might also launch on other networks major networks like Verizon and Sprint in the time to come.

Blass, who has gone through the marketing documents for a T-Mobile S8 Active, says the phone will reportedly be available in gold and grey, the same as AT&T. However, when the phone will actually launch on T-Mobile is uncertain as there hasn’t been any FCC filing yet.

The lack of an FCC filing also suggests that the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active might be compatible with Band 71, T-Mobile’s new 600MHz LTE network. The Samsung S8 Active has the Snapdragon X6 modem, which is compatible with B71m, but it needs relevant software and certification. This could be the reason for the lack of an FCC filing, notes BGR.

In addition, T-Mobile previously confirmed that a Samsung phone compatible with B71 will be released by the end of the year. Since no other major Samsung announcement is expected this year, there are good chances that the B71-compatible Samsung device will be the S8 Active.

The Samsung S8 Active has a 5.8-inch display, and the phone is rounded towards the edges with minimal bezel. The handset is similar to the original version with little deviation to make it sturdier. Samsung’s Active series is meant for outdoorsy people, and the Samsung S8 Active is no different. Starting with the Galaxy S4 Active, the South Korean giant started offering IP67 waterproofing with the rugged design, and the standards have only improved with the later versions.

However, the phone could not attain scratch-proof status, something that smartphones are willing to sacrifice for making the screen shatterproof. The same was true with the Moto Z2 Force, which also promised a shatterproof screen but faltered on the scratch-proof front. Samsung, however, never talked too much about the shatterproof specification in its Galaxy S8 Active and has been more focused on the rugged features of the phone. However, the truth remains that unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Active, the S8 Active is too easily scratched, notes SlashGear.

Further, the phone might seem a little hefty given the extra protection added to it. To be exact, the S8 Active weighs 7.6 ounces versus 5.5 ounces for the Galaxy S8. The Active version of the Galaxy S8 is also a little bit larger. Further, Samsung has used a metal frame and textured plastic back to keep the S8 Active protected from all the elements.

Samsung is also said to be working on a foldable phone which could arrive as soon as next year. Earlier, the Korean giant was developing an outward bending phone, but it seems like the plan did not work as it was supposed to. Therefore, the company is now reportedly developing an inward bending phone.

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong-Jin stated that the company was on its way to launching a foldable phone next month.

“We are currently dealing with some hurdles to do so and we will release our first foldable smartphone after overcoming the hurdles,” the executive said.

We may not have to wait much longer to learn if it’s an inward or outward folding phone.

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