Samsung Mocks Apple iPhone X Buyers In Its Latest Ad

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Samsung mocks Apple in its latest ad, showing the hardships a youth faces with the iOS devices when it comes to the storage, taking a photo or even waiting in queue to get an Apple device. On top of that, Samsung shows that just on the eve of the iPhone X launch, the guy finally switches to Samsung.

Samsung mocks Apple fanboys

The ad titled Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up, features the song “I’m Moving On” by Chyvonne Scott. In the ad, Samsung mocks Apple showing the past several iPhone launches starting from 2007, and highlighting issues that the iPhone buyers faced including a small screen, lack of a headphone jack and lack of support for Qi-enabled wireless charging. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X, however, support the Qi wireless charging.

The ad shows the journey of a man as he buys Apple devices over the past ten years, when his friends and even the woman he adores have a Samsung handset. After giving accounts of all the essential features that Apple phones have lacked throughout these years, Samsung finally shows the guy ‘”growing up” and opting for the Galaxy Note 8. At the end, he is shown walking past the people waiting in queue for the iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest flagship from the company for the holiday season. The Galaxy Note 8 was launched much before the iPhone X. Packed with dual rear cameras with dual OIS, the Galaxy Note 8 has a display size of 6.3-inch OLED with 18:9 aspect ratio and a much bigger battery than the iPhone X.

Previously, before the release of the iPhone 6, Samsung pointed out that it is not the first smartphone to come with a large screen. In the smartphone industry, making fun of other brands is not a rare thing. Just last year, Google took a dig at Apple for removing the headphone jack. However, it was rather short-sighted on the part of the company, which itself removed the feature from its second-generation Pixel phones launched this year.

Big expectations from the iPhone X

Meanwhile, the Phone X is getting customer attention as expected. Analysts are hopeful that the iPhone X could get Apple to the dream figure of $1 trillion market cap. The Cupertino, California-based company is also expecting stellar holiday sales for the iPhone X.

Analysts expect the company to churn out 30 million iPhone X units during the current quarter, negating the production glitches relating to the glass and steel parts. Initial response to the product has been very encouraging. Long queues were seen outside Apple Stores, which many believe shows stronger interest than previous launches. According to Apple’s website, the handset was sold-out in many locations for pickups, and online orders were showing a delivery time of three to four weeks.

Further, Apple’s latest quarter results underline the fact that it is not just a one-product show. Apple is driving growth from a range of products and not just iPhones. Apple’s portfolio includes five different products – iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, MacBook and services.

Year to date, Apple shares are up almost 49%.

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